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Pharmaceutical Companies Need Unified Communications

July 27, 2015 by

When people think of health care, they often only consider the doctors and nurses that they see whenever they need medical attention. However, there is a whole other behind-the-scenes sector of the industry that's just as important. Pharmaceutical companies provide the treatments that doctors prescribe to their patients to get better. To do so, they need the same tools that make hospitals so efficient. Unified communications provide these representatives with the solutions they require to reach as many people as possible.

UC Saves Pharma Representatives Time, Money

For a pharmaceutical company to succeed in today's competitive society, they have to be willing to innovate. Cloud-based UC can help with that. To fully promote products globally, representatives need to travel overseas to various countries to meet with health care providers to market their treatments. However, all those trips aren't inexpensive. They add up to cost pharma companies a good deal of money, PharmTech explained.

However, UC solutions can not only save finances but produce a profit. Pharmaceutical representatives will be able to make sales without any added inconvenience or cost to anyone. Video conferencing allows people to meet face-to-face at any time. Meetings are easy to hold at a moment's notice, even when key members are in various locations, according to the source. Video conference software also cuts down on the amount of time spent in virtual meetings, as people won't have to send documents back and forth. They'll be able to show visuals right on the screen and explain them while everyone's viewing the items to provide the best understanding.

Of course, if representatives do have to travel, UC provides the same tools they'd have in the office. Their work calls can be redirected to their mobile devices and files can be accessed from anywhere and via any technology, as long as there's an Internet connection.

UCaaS Helps Companies Reach Global Patients

Countless health conditions exist around the world today. Luckily, there are treatments to help cure or manage them. However, many of the medications on the market are geared toward widespread diseases. The nearly 7,000 rare illnesses may go by the wayside, leaving 30 million Americans without the medicines they need, according to the National Human Genome Research Institute. It may be difficult to gather information or spread the word about a certain illness. If pharmaceutical companies don't have the right communications system to distribute their messages, they won't be able to offer people the help they need.

That's why Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals Inc. opted for UC solutions from ThinkingPhones, a three-time Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader. The pharma company needed a system that would allow them to develop and market medications for people with rare diseases around the world. The platform provided by the Boston-based organization could fulfill all of Sigma-Tau's requirements.

"With cloud UC growing so quickly and top analysts such as Gartner and Frost & Sullivan naming ThinkingPhones a market leader, our selection was a natural choice," Vineeth Raja, Sigma-Tau's director and head of corporate projects and IT, said in a press release. "A premises-based solution would require a significant capital investment, but ThinkingPhones' mobile solution provides a rich feature set and ensures continuity for our workforce with no CAPEX. I am excited to partner with the company and feel that their cloud UC offering is ideal for our needs."

UCaaS can provide a variety of services to pharmaceutical companies, whether their employees are in the office or in the field. They are able to stay connected with their consumers and researchers to offer the best treatments they can in the easiest way possible.

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