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Pollack Law Group: Defeating Dropped Calls with UC

June 17, 2015 by

Law offices can’t afford to have subpar communication—their clients and reputations depend on it. So when Pollack Law Group, P.C., a firm with offices in five New England states, kept experiencing outages, Director of Operations Rita DeMilia knew that it was time for change.

“We were with another vendor for a while, which we had inherited,” she said. “But we were growing and they were constantly dropping calls. Additionally, we needed to have other options, such as voicemail boxes that stored information. When we moved offices, they were horrible to deal with. They weren’t there for the T1 line, they didn’t have the setup for each individual phone. They made it impossible.”

A negative experience with its previous office move was of chief concern to Pollack Law Group, who—at the time it was considering ThinkingPhones—had plans for expansion.

“We had a multitude of websites and locations, and we needed all of these phone numbers to be taken and routed to a million different places—we had seven or eight auto-attendants,” DeMilia said. “It was complicated. We needed the phone system to go to one place.”

Staying with Speakeasy wasn’t an option anymore. With the help of an agent, Pollack Law Group learned of ThinkingPhones' quality and reliability. From there, there was only one possible outcome.

Since the switch to ThinkingPhones, Pollack Law Group's employees have noticed a huge difference.

“We never stay with one particular thing for very long—but with our unified communications system, that’s fine,” DeMilia said. “What I love about ThinkingPhones is that we’re able to make changes as we need.”

And while functionality and flexibility have been chief benefits of the switch, DeMilia believes that ThinkingPhones provides something just as important—excellent customer service.

“The service is great. You’re consistently updated with the status of projects and issues. It’s a pleasure to do business with ThinkingPhones—you can’t say that very much in today’s world.”

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