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Poor Deployments Can Undermine Cloud Telephony

March 12, 2015 by

Cloud telephony has never been more popular. Having moved well beyond the experimental stage, cloud computing is now widely embraced by organizations of all sizes and sectors, from multinational enterprises to small mom-and-pop stores. Cloud telephony isn't the communication channel of the future - it's the channel of choice today.

But this doesn't mean that cloud telephony is a slam-dunk success story for every firm that embraces the technology. Unfortunately, there are plenty of examples of companies deploying these tools, only to experience disappointment. This isn't due to any inherent flaw in the technology. On the contrary, cloud telephony shortcomings are almost always attributable to poorly planned deployments, as Network World contributor David Danto recently asserted.

Common Mistakes

To highlight his point, Danto noted that self-defeating implementations are common among both unified communications and cloud computing adopters. In the former case, many business leaders make the mistake of basing their strategies on accommodating a so-called "typical user." But as Danto explained, there is no such thing as a typical user - companies consist of many employees with widely varied responsibilities and preferences. A UC deployment designed to meet a typical user's needs will likely satisfy no one, thereby undercutting the technology's value.

With the cloud, Danto wrote, the most common deployment misstep revolves around the false belief that the cloud can solve all of a company's problems. These unrealistic and oversimplified expectations cause leaders to make suboptimal decisions when determining which specific cloud services to embrace.

Both problems can come together with regard to cloud telephony. To avoid these issues and maximize the value of these deployments, business leaders need to take the time to fully research cloud telephony options. Just as importantly, firms should partner with industry-leading cloud telephony providers that can offer the highest level of guidance and reliability.

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