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Your Presence is Present Enough

July 23, 2014 by

Do you feel like you have too many different ways of communicating? Have you ever wasted time trying to get ahold of someone who wasn’t even there? It happens all the time: you reach out to a colleague who is out of the office for a few minutes, but get their voicemail. You become discouraged, and don’t even bother calling their cell phone—which is on the whole time. You waste valuable minutes trying unsuccessfully to get ahold of your colleague—even though she is available, just on a different device. Juggling communications methods and wasted time are common problems.


This all changes with UC. With presence indicators, you are able to see when your contacts are available, away, or even unavailable. Time wasted chasing down people who are out is now saved. Furthermore, with four-digit dialing, you can reach your business partners, regardless of whether they’re at their desk or out to lunch. Making communications more streamlined, efficient, and transparent is an attainable goal when you make the change.


It used to be said that when people were “away from their desk,” it meant that they were out of commission. Some people rely exclusively on isolated methods to get in touch with others; this doesn’t have to be you. UC enables you to receive vital messages, whether you’re working away in your swivel chair or walking down the street to get some fresh air.

Fear not: this doesn’t mean that the border between your work and private life has to dissolve. In fact, with presence, you can ensure that people know you’re busy or unavailable. The ability to be contacted anywhere, anytime makes for greater convenience—both for you and your colleagues.

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