Putting the YOU in YOUnified Communications

March 07, 2016 by Brian Kardon

Woman looking at her cell phone with "YOUnified" in text over her face

Communication is non-stop: nonverbal or verbal, online or offline, text-based, video-transmitted or face-to-face, it’s a 24/7 rotation of cues passing from person to person – one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, and many-to-many.

It’s the foundation of human expression both personal and professional. It’s exchanged for many reasons, whether pragmatic or romantic, subjective or objective.

And it’s all around us, filling up the airwaves and world wide web, passing across many mediums on the way to its recipient(s).

Consider this: More than 6 billion texts are sent each day in the United States. Nearly 6 billion phone calls are made. Approximately 500 million tweets are sent daily. Each and every day, these interactions are sent and received, creating the basis from which we live our lives.

More communication is crossing our paths than ever before, blurring the lines between the worlds of work and play as traditional barriers separating these categories have come down.

Yet as personal communication evolves, becoming more expansive than ever to let people interact in ways that are most meaningful to them as individuals, workplace communication has been slow to evolve.

Communication at the workplace has been missing an integral component – a key player in what makes communication work.



That’s right. You – the modern employee. The fearless leader. The team champion. The creative collaborator.

User preferences must be the basis of the technology for today’s workforce, the central guiding factor in how unified communications is planned and executed. We get that, so we’re spreading the word.

YOU want simple? Our platform’s easier to use than ever.

YOU want secure? We have the most secure, monitored and managed cloud network and platform in the world.

YOU want to be productive, creative and collaborative? We’re got an all-in-one solution that gives you flexibility, so that you can do your best work, keep your teams in sync and accelerate projects all with one provider across voice, text, data, and video.

YOU are what motivates us to make our technology stand apart from the rest.

Because WE believe in YOUser-centricity so much, we’ve built our product and a marketing campaign around it. We hope you get to experience YOUnified every time you communicate.

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