Q&A with Natalia Botti, Channel Sales Director at Fuze

July 02, 2019 by Lisa Hurd Walker

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At Fuze we value our talented people whose passions translate into compelling stories that can inspire, mentor, and teach others, as is the case with our channel sales director, Natalia Botti. Recipient of the 2016 CRN Women of the Channel award, Natalia has deep experience in securing channel partners who leverages her problem-solving and negotiation skills to guide her customers to find the best solutions. A champion for women in IT, she is also deeply involved in organizations that support women in tech and was recently featured in, “How to Be a Woman in Technology."


We sat down with Natalia to hear more about her experience as a woman in tech.Natalia Botti of Fuze


What is your role at Fuze and what do you love about your job? 


I joined Fuze almost a year ago as a sales director to oversee our Midwest sales market. My role is to secure partnerships and connect with regional organizations to demonstrate the ways Fuze can help them streamline their IT services and foster stronger team collaboration and communication.  


I love the culture and organization overall at Fuze. We are committed to equipping businesses with the tools they need to support a flexible workforce. This is especially crucial for me as I work where my partners are, which means I’m always traveling. Having a flexible work environment is incredible because it means that I can connect in person with our partners without having to sacrifice being connected to my teams. I also appreciate working alongside people who are excited by what we do at Fuze and all that we bring to the table. We are truly helping our partners find unique ways to meet major flexible work trends.  


Tell us more about your involvement in “How to Be a Woman in Technology.”


For the past three years I’ve served as a co-chair in an organization called Cloud Girls. A colleague connected me to the book’s author, Cheryl O'Donoghue, who wanted to champion the extraordinary ways in which women are changing the world of tech and their prodigious contributions to the industry. In the book, women share their individual stories and highlight the many ways in which women have a presence and impact on IT. 


I was excited to share my story detailing how I started out in the industry working as an hourly worker and have now achieved director level. 


What is Cloud Girls and how are you involved? 

Cloud Girls is an organization committed to uniting female tech thought leaders to spearhead the conversation about upcoming trends and advances within the cloud industry space. It’s a great networking group for women to be able to talk to each other about what they are experiencing on a day-to-day level as females in tech. Many of the women in the organization own companies and want to support emerging women in tech to become future leaders in the industry. 


What is the best advice you’ve received as a woman in technology? 


Cheryl Donaghue’s first book, “How to be a Woman in the Business (while Being True to Yourself)” taught me that happiness comes from understanding your core values and aligning them to your organization. 


What is your advice to women in tech, specifically to young women beginning in their career?  


Just go for it! Don’t fall into the trap in thinking that success only looks like one path way and wait for it to happen; create your own success. You are the author of your own story, so write it! To young women my advice is to say yes to everything. Even if you’re unsure if you can do it, just take the risk and give it a try. To help you along the way look for a coach to motivate you during your journey, a mentor to tell you why you need to pursue your goals, and a sponsor to help open doors for you.  


Who is your coach, mentor, and sponsor and how have they helped your career growth?


Jo Peterson, currently a VP of Cloud Services at Clarify360 has been an instrumental coach throughout my career. I have dyslexia, which has sometimes been a roadblock along my journey. Jo pushed me to not allow the disorder to hinder my success. For example, she encouraged me to record and listen to lessons or trainings as opposed to reading them, which can be challenging for me. However, taking the time to listen has also helped me to become a better writer and storyteller.  


Why is it so important for women to openly share their experience in the workforce?  


I think it’s important for women to share their successes as well as their fears and vulnerabilities with each other, which is why I was excited to participate in Cheryl’s book. Most literature about women in the workplace ask similar questions such as, “How do you find work-life balance?” What I think is more inspiring, however, is hearing the stories that illustrate the journeys women take along the way to find their success while also sharing their roadblocks and how they overcome these obstacles. Being part of each other’s journeys better demonstrates the evolution of women in tech and the many ways in which we have completely impacted the industry.  


To read more about Natalia’s journey and to purchase a copy of “How to Be a Woman in Technology,” please click here

Lisa Hurd Walker
Lisa Hurd Walker

Lisa is the VP of Brand and Corporate Marketing at Fuze. 

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