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Reaching remote regions: How ShalomLearning is using Fuze to offer military families access to cultural education

June 25, 2014 by

Debi Himelfarb, Vice President of Operations

Over two years ago we started a Jewish education program offering a flexible learning environment for students when they can’t be face-to-face in a classroom.

Today we have more than 300 students globally with a special focus on those families in remote regions, as well as those who are abroad with military or state department responsibilities.

For our pilot class, we used Google Hangouts; however, for many reasons, we realized that this wasn’t a scalable solution. Our top priorities were stability and customer service, but obviously price was important too. We searched the web to find the options out there and chose Fuze because of their responsiveness - our voice would be heard if we had any issues or enhancement requests with the software.

We use Fuze today as a virtual classroom for students from age 9 to 89. In addition, we use it for professional development for teachers and education directors. While the first topic we cover is “Best practices for teaching in a virtual space,” our professional development subjects vary the spectrum.

During classes, we want our teachers teaching classes - not resolving technical issues. Fuze providing 24x7 support to students has become essential for the program’s growth and success.

This program - and particularly the use of Fuze as a virtual classroom, provides an opportunity for students and educators who would have never had the opportunity otherwise to “meet” and exchange information in a more personal way. Today we are able to provide Jewish learning and create Jewish communities for people who wouldn’t otherwise have access.

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About ShalomLearning ShalomLearning is a not-for-profit organization founded in Bethesda, MD that breaks new molds by doing what traditional learning does not – offering a flexible blended (technology and in-person experiences) environment for Jewish education. The program reaches over 300 students and 25 congregations in North America. In addition, ShalomLearning offers an online only version of the Jewish education program for students across the globe.

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