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Ready or Not, Here BYOD Comes!

October 02, 2014 by

How long has it been since you've played hide-and-seek? Unless you're a relatively recent parent (if so, congratulations!), then it's probably been quite a while. But hide-and-seek is a skill that doesn't really go away. If a game were to suddenly start up in your office, you'd probably get back into the swing of it pretty quickly.

The thing is, this might have already happened - you just may not have noticed. The key difference is that it's not people who are hiding, but employees' personal devices. And if you don't catch them, the consequences will be a lot more serious than a bit of good-natured ribbing.

Fortunately, there's another option available: embracing BYOD. When your company accepts BYOD and starts to support it, rather than demonize it - well, that's a game changer.

Seeking Problems

Let's step back a moment and look a little more closely at how a non-BYOD office is a lot like a game of hide-and-seek. In these scenarios, the business does not officially allow workers to use their personal smartphones and tablets to access corporate assets or perform work-related functions. That means that company leaders and the IT department will be tasked with finding out who is violating this rule.

Unlike your standard hide-and-seek, though, this is a game that you, as the decision-maker, cannot win. There are just too many players involved. Employees increasingly see BYOD as the standard, and they will largely ignore rules that forbid such efforts. Furthermore, there are no physical boundaries. When you played hide-and-seek in the neighborhood, were the players allowed to hide in their homes? No way - that'd be unfair. But BYOD will happen in employee's homes, as well as their cars, hotels, and beyond.

Lastly, there's no end to this game. If an employee is caught, he or she doesn't sit out until the next round. There is no next round. This is an ongoing situation, and there will always be more devices hiding on your corporate network.

As time goes on, this situation will inevitably increase the risk of a data breach or other security event. Eventually, your company's luck will run out.

Finding Solutions

If you embrace BYOD whole-heartedly, though, the odds can suddenly swing into your favor. Instead of searching in vain for an endless number of potential threats, your employees will step forward and reveal which devices they use for work. Your IT team can then take the appropriate steps to mitigate risk and maximize worker productivity and flexibility.

Accept and take advantage of BYOD and you won't be stuck hunting phantoms in the dark anymore. Instead, you and your workers can join hands and play a more cooperative, less stressful game. May we suggest The Floor Is Lava?

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