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Real Estate Agents Use Unified Communications On The Go

May 14, 2015 by

While the real estate business has had its ups and downs, it's an industry that doesn't stay low long. In 2014, there were 165,000 residential real estate companies that generated $170 million in revenue, according to Franchise Help. With business increasing, new tools conducive to the traveling worker are needed. Unified communications combines audio, video, messaging, and collaboration on one system that will provide realtors with everything they need when out of the office.

The Need for Mobility

Real estate is an on-the-go industry. While much of the behind-the-scenes work can happen in the office, most of the face-to-face time with clients and potential buyers happens on location. Because of this, realtors need to have a way to stay in touch with both their offices and their other clients.

UC solutions can reroute all office communications to mobile devices to keep real estate agents connected, Network Computing explained. When workers never know where they are going to be, they need to have the same direct access to email, phone calls, and documents that they would have at the office. All of these things can be redirected to realtors' smartphones and tablets to ensure they don't miss any important messages.

Instant collaboration and conferencing tools are also necessary to run an efficient company. If someone forgets something at the office, file sharing applications allow him or her to receive it immediately. Video conferencing is also ideal. According to No Jitter, this type of conversation is preferable over audio conferencing because face-to-face interaction establishes personal relationships.

Simplified Client Communication

Realtors also need to be able to efficiently help their clients, whether they're selling a house or buying one. A lot of effort goes into both tasks and requires an abundance of communication. Real estate agents have to be able to communicate with clients, home inspectors, listing agents, property owners, and the media, according to With the amount of discussion necessary, tools are required to fulfill every need.

Instant messaging for business can be crucial for realtors. They can use it to send a quick text or chat to let potential buyers know they are running late or message a listing agent to set up a time to bring people by to check out a house, Network Computing explained. Real estate agents should be reachable at all times by their offices and by clients, and UC solutions can give them the tools to do that.

Scheduling capabilities should also be included in companies' UC plans. A collaborative tool, such as a website or mobile application, would allow realtors to communicate with listing agents and property owners to decide on times to bring prospective buyers by the location. This program would give everyone the ability to see each others' schedules and work around them. It can be a nuisance to email or call everyone involved for multiple listings, but with UC collaboration, the scheduling process can be significantly simplified.

Realtors need to be able to be reached from anywhere, as well as have the ability to contact clients and listing agents. UC gives them the necessary tools to succeed in a mobile business.

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