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Reimagining Enterprise Communication: Bringing a New User Experience to Life

October 11, 2016 by Steve Kokinos

“Nothing ever becomes real ‘til it is experienced.” – John Keats

Whether positive or negative, our reality is shaped by our experiences and by the perceptions we create from those experiences.

In modern times, technology has a strong influence on those experiences. For example, we get directions from our mobile phones, download recipes onto our tablets, and research movie times by asking Siri. We’ve got it all in the palm of our hand in our personal lives. What about our professional lives?

When employees enter the workplace of today, more often than not they’re greeted with communication tools that hinder collaboration and productivity, either because they’re powered by legacy platforms or have been assembled piecemeal. Today’s modern workforce demands a technology experience that is entirely different, echoing what it has come to expect from consumer technologies in their personal lives. Until now, enterprise software has fallen short on delivering that experience. In the end, individual preferences prevail. This has been a guiding principle behind the consumer-inspired approach we’ve taken to completely redesigning the Fuze user experience.

And the timing couldn’t be better.

The cloud is rapidly changing enterprise communications. As a leading UCaaS provider, we know the backend work that needs to happen to connect people faster, smarter, and with greater ease than ever before. We understand the demands placed on today’s modern worker. We recognize the challenge of enabling the “always on” workforce while also respecting boundaries. And we appreciate that it takes more than a mash up of snazzy new applications to really reimagine connectivity. After all, people use an average of four to six communication apps at work. It shouldn’t be that complicated.

Today, Fuze released an entirely new way for people to interact with one another at work with its new user interface. We’re bringing together voice, video, and messaging into a single, unique app and fulfilling the promise of UCaaS with a look and feel that is second-to-none. We’re making the dream of real-time connectivity and collaboration a reality for business.


What was our inspiration? You.

We’ve made it our number one priority to listen to feedback, understand team behavior, and observe employee communication preferences. With design in lock step with engineering, we’re bringing to life an application that finally gets it, built with telemetry to measure user engagement in ways that help them customize preferences for maximum business impact. Most importantly, we’re empowering users with an experience that enables them to be more productive as individuals and as a team.

We’ve designed this all to be particularly conscious of the day-to-day realities modern workers face so that you can expect more from your communications platform:

  • Move more easily between modes of communication and help navigate multiple conversations at once without ever leaving the app
  • Manage conversations in a single environment so you won’t misplace any detail, note, or reminder
  • Help the multi-taskers of the world get more done by marrying collaboration and communication
  • Embrace the idea that both real-time and asynchronous communication can work with the right tool to power your conversations
  • Break down barriers between your distributed workforce to create stronger relationships and more meaningful interactions

When you put the user experience front and center, everybody wins. Fuze continues to lead a revolution in enterprise communication with a platform that truly unifies voice, video, and messaging applications. We’re doing it with a commitment to putting communication at the heart of work and with a passion to putting the user at the heart of the experience. And we couldn’t be more excited about it.


Experience the reimagined user experience here.

Steve Kokinos
Steve Kokinos

As ThinkingPhones' founder and CEO, Steve is responsible for the strategic direction and management of the company. Under his leadership, the company is transforming the way enterprises view communications as a key driver of business visibility, process improvement, and results.

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