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Reimagining Meetings with Improved UX: What’s Possible as Communication Tools Evolve

October 13, 2016 by Michael Affronti

Meetings have fallen out of favor for workers today.

“Another meeting?” you think to yourself. Insert groan or eye roll.

What’s more, 67 percent of meetings today are considered unproductive. That’s alarming – and unfortunate.

There has to be a better way.

A meeting is a gathering of the minds. It’s a way to collaborate, improve outcomes, and get on the same page. When did they become a necessary burden we all dread? It’s time to reimagine the meeting.


People appreciate when people respect their time. A good meeting is not only productive; it appreciates the opportunity cost of not spending time elsewhere. It’s hyper-focused on its intended objectives. Its goals are clear, whether a brainstorm or a status check-in. How you execute a meeting, however, will vary widely based on its objectives.

This week, Fuze introduced its new user interface, one that gives employees what they’ve come to expect from their workplace communication platform. With the reimagined experience, teams can expect more and do more in their day, all in on app. The freedom that we’re offering through the new UX is also enabling a workforce that can redefine the standing meeting as we know it.

We can make meet-ups, video calls, and chat threads a way to say, “yes!” enthusiastically the next time someone asks to meet. Let’s change the whole concept of meetings amidst the growing demands of the “always on” worker.

What are some other ways to reimagine the modern meeting? Here are a few to start:

Get moving. The Fuze app mirrors the experience on desktop to your mobile device. This means you can easily resume a chat, video conference call, or search your conversation history on your phone just as easily as you could sitting in the office or at home. Take advantage of it! Stretch your legs while you stretch your mind. Go for a walk with your colleague to get the creative juices flowing. You’ll get that fresh air and extra face time. Go ahead and stay outside to conference in your remote coworker or overseas partner while you’re out there, too. Reconsider the boundaries of a traditional meeting. A fluid UX is crucial to make the process friction-free to support new meeting habits. And because movement is motivating, this will only enhance your productivity levels (and boost some endorphins, too).

Opt for video. With video conferencing options laid out in the same setting as voice calls and chat, there are fewer reasons to make excuses about opting for video. And why not? People who join videoconferences hold their attention 52 percent longer than those who dial in via audio alone. Up the ante on today’s impromptu meeting. Get personal. Laugh with coworkers. Share information about yourself that strengthens relationships.

Know when to shift things around. Meetings have earned themselves a bad reputation largely because they’re static and rigid. Often, people don’t have the wherewithal – or ownership – to give their meetings a facelift. Sometimes it boils down to workplace culture. Other times the technology and the process get in the way. When all of your communications are simplified in one place, you have greater control over your options. You can set the tone and actively manage the cadence of your meetings more easily.

At the end of the day a meeting is the chance to convene different skill sets, perspectives, and opinions, in turn helping our ideas grow into realities. And that’s a great thing. If we can get meetings out of a rut, we’re well on our way to getting more out of what we do every day. You’ll be glad you did.

For more thoughts on technology, innovation and productivity, check out my column on Inc.


Michael Affronti
Michael Affronti
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