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Remember When We Reinvented Communications?

January 27, 2014 by

UniComm Consulting analyst and co-founder Marty Parker rhetorically summed up the opportunity for unified communications in a recent column. “It's a wonderful time to be in UC&C,” he wrote. “We will be able to look back and say, ‘remember when we reinvented enterprise communications?’.”

Reinvention is exactly what is happening in enterprise communications. And as Marty notes, whether it is the increasingly broad array of applications available, or the advent of wearable technologies that greatly impact the way these applications are delivered and consumed (“smartphones and tablets are only interim steps”), proactive IT organizations that harness the power of reinvention are those that can provide the most business value to their companies.

Take a moment to read what Marty has to say about the evolution of the phone call; how enterprise architectures will be impacted by the advent of technologies such as WebRTC; and the opportunity that process analysis offers in its ability to enhance workforce effectiveness. It’s a good read. And indeed a great time to be in cloud communications.


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