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Ask the Fuzer: What Does Flexible Work Mean to You?

August 11, 2021 by Fuze

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At Fuze, we’ve always and will continue to stress the importance of flexible work policies for our employees. Especially over the past 18 plus months, it’s what has enabled Fuzers to be the best versions of themselves at both work and home. And as we’re facing the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic over the next few months, it has never been more critical to give employees the flexibility they need. But “flexibility” comes in different shapes and sizes for some, so we asked Fuzers to share what flexible work means to them:

Talent Follows Flexibility 

“Flexible work, for me, means gaining a minimum of three hours a day of otherwise unproductive time to use toward the betterment of my business, my family, and/or my health. It's about fostering a culture of choice and trust within the workforce. Success in anything is determined by who has the best team, and I believe the best talent will migrate to (and stay with) those businesses that best model this type of environment and mindset.”

- Chris Conry, CIO


Work/Life Balance Is Key 

“Over the past 6 years, Fuze has flexed with me as I got married, had two children, moved multiple times, and bought a house. Each step of the way, I was able to manage my priorities and get my work done whenever and wherever necessary. I was never as productive in a 9-5 office job. Flexible work will be a non-negotiable for me moving forward.”

- Dan Landis, Manager, Sales Engineering


“What a blessing to work for a company that values its people and their hard work with the ability to have ‘flexible work’ from home options. The time I get to spend with family before and after work hours —without the commute into an office— allows me to complete a full 9 hours of work without any interruptions. Nothing will ever replace the in-person human interactions that we have with our clients and coworkers, but Fuze’s flexible work schedule has allowed me to use our world class interactive UCaaS platform to communicate at the highest level remotely every day!”

- Michael Spartz, Area Partner Director


Don't Put Dreams on Hold for Work

"Our ‘work from anywhere’ policy has given me the flexibility to live closer to my family and pursue an MBA at my dream school in my personal time. The awesome culture at Fuze and support of my managers helps make this dream reality."

- Marissa Maliwanag, Senior Manager, Global Logistics & Provisioning


Gain Peace of Mind

“Flexible work gives me peace of mind. I don't have to worry about feeling pressured to make a stressful commute every day, especially in the winter, which can be harsh here in Canada. I still plan on coming into the office one or two days a week for collaborating and socializing, because I do miss seeing my coworkers. Overall though, I'm thankful for the flexibility that Fuze provides.”

- Mandy Vernier, Front End Developer


So there we have it. Whether it’s getting extra time back in your day by skipping a stressful commute, or giving employees the flexibility needed to further their education, the need for flexible work policies is not going away any time soon. We’re committed to meeting Fuze employees where they are, and that means continuing to stay agile and flexible in the months to come.

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