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Ask the Fuzer: How I #WorkfromHome

April 14, 2020 by Fuze

A woman sitting at her kitchen table, typing on her laptop

Today, more people are working from home than ever before. While some workers have dedicated years and resources into making their home offices a comfortable part of their day-to-day work routines, others have found themselves stationed at the kitchen table. 


At Fuze, we are committed to building a product that supports workers no matter how, when, or where they are working — especially for our own Fuzers. With increased flexibility, remote work is a key driver in workforce productivity. In fact, our research finds that 83% of the workforce feels that they don’t need to be in the office to be productive. The recent company-wide shift to full-time remote, however, can even be a challenge for the most seasoned work-from-homers.


We asked our remote work experts to share how they best #WorkFromHome in the face of today's remote work reality.  


Apartment turned office 


"I’ve been working from home in an apartment for the past few weeks and surprisingly it’s been a seamless transition from working four out of five days in the office. I’ve been loving the flexibility of waking up either 15 - 20 minutes before beginning my work day to get in an extra hour of sleep or waking up an hour early to get in a morning workout." - Arin Kim, Junior Operations Analyst 



                                                                                         Arin's apartment office.


Working from home with family 


“Since the beginning of my journey at Fuze, I have been working remotely pretty regularly. We have always had the policies and platform to keep us connected and productive as a team—but in March, when the whole company went remote and the kids needed to be homeschooled, my workspace at home needed to adapt to a more hybrid, fluid situation. I used to have a very static workstation at home, but these days I've set up an 'office' in nearly every room in the house at one point or another and depending on the activities our kids are working on. We work as a family alongside each other, each on our own projects for the day. I'm often checking their work and keeping them moving while on calls, and I've even strategically placed myself by windows to watch them playing outside while I work. It's a dynamic situation, always changing and evolving—but the one constant is that Fuze goes with me wherever I go and has truly put employees first and been more flexible than ever in this unprecedented situation. We really do work from anywhere (and everywhere!)" - Liz Dube, Director of User Experience



                                                             Liz’s home office, working alongside her children and pets.

Shared office at home  


“My partner and I have set up a few different working spaces in our apartment during this WFH period - one of the things we both miss about the office was the opportunity to mix things up seating-wise throughout the day, whether at your desk, a collab space, a conference room, etc. The ‘standing desks’ we set up are a big improvement and add a little variety to avoid sitting all day!” - Tate Masi, Product Analyst



                                                                               Tate’s co-working office setup. 


Personal touches for a dedicated space


"I feel fortunate that I have a dedicated space for working from home. When I work at home I surround myself with things that make me happy: natural light, a comfy pillow, and usually my fluffy dog (not pictured here)." - Lisa Campopiano, VP of Customer Success & Sales



                                                                                 Lisa’s personalized home office.


A home office hideaway 


“I am lucky to have a dedicated space for work in my house. I typically work from home 1-2 days a week, but with the new environment caused by COVID-19, I am working here full-time like everyone else. My dogs seem extra happy to have me here and spend most of their day doing what you see below, sleeping. If not, they are pushing their way into my video calls as they look for some attention. Having access to some natural light is helpful and the up/down desk and external monitor purchases are something I am glad I made the investment in. Next on my list, a live plant!"- David Sirois, Director, Americas Support & WW Premium Support



                                                                        David’s dog-approved home office space. 


To learn more tips and tricks for an effective work from home transition, check out our Remote Work Resources page.

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