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Building a Positive Company Culture Through Engagement and Remote Work from Home Positions

July 07, 2020 by Elisa Gilmartin

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As organizations begin to reopen offices, company leaders are tasked with defining new policies that provide their workforce with programs to support a new normal. Our latest data found that roughly three-quarters of IT leaders believe that their teams will transition to at least one or more days working from home after the pandemic. Looking further into the post-crisis future, 84% of these leaders would also like to see an increase in flexible working policies.


It is critical for HR leaders to play a role in designing remote working jobs and strategies   in order to sustain a strong and positive company culture  while employees work from home. In order to find a balance between remote work and the transition back to the office, here at Fuze, we focus on building a remote-first culture that enriches long-term remote work from home practices across all of our offices through employee engagement. 


Take a Proactive Approach


At Fuze, a remote work culture begins with understanding the new experiences that each of our employees have gained in the last several months as critical to engagement programming. Taking initiative in the planning and design of a remote-first culture helps HR leaders develop a cohesive program that engages the needs of a growing remote workforce to enable productivity. This proactive stance should become a bottom-line focus that drives a more connected and better supported employee network no matter where teams are located. 


Place More Value on Connection 


A remote work culture focuses on innovative ways to engage employees while physically distributed. Our roster of activities aims to bring Fuzers closer together to enjoy each other's company outside of work conversations. These initiatives include everything from parent support groups and mental health resources to wine tastings and cooking classes over Fuze. Developing a remote-first culture around employee engagement enhances a stronger connection that builds a sense of community now and in the future. 


                                                                          Fuzers coming together for Fuze Trivia Night.



                                                                                         Our working-parent Fuzers. 



                                                                                 Cooking class with Fuzer Sareth.


Always Look Toward the Future 


As a community, we have navigated through the pandemic’s uncertainty. This has taught us that looking toward the future is critical to any HR leader’s role. Learning from mistakes and looking ahead are two ways in which we have remained agile at Fuze, listening to the needs of our employees and offering support. For example, we have implemented a work from home stipend into employee benefits that give Fuzers the opportunity to get the things that they will need to continue working productively from home and compensate for the in-office perks we are currently unable to provide. We've also implemented financial planning resources for Fuzers. During COVID-19, we know that 75% of Americans cannot go without 4 weeks of pay; to ensure that our employees are in the best position they can be, we wanted to provide support as they continue to develop their financial planning skills during this time. By looking toward the future, we are able to take advantage of our experiences and create a space for conversation that enables better connection. 


We have worked hard to build remote work opportunities  that engages our workforce and underscores the value of flexibility. To explore more remote work from home resources and tips, check out our Ultimate Guide to Remote Work.



Elisa Gilmartin
Elisa Gilmartin

Elisa is Chief People Officer at Fuze. She is responsible for championing a culture of innovation and designing strategies to attract, develop, and retain world-class talent, while continuing to strengthen an environment of high-performance and collaboration. Elisa brings more than 20 years of proven experience driving human capital transformation initiatives that enable growth and scalability at technology and SaaS companies. 

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