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A Commitment to Our Customers: Enabling Productive Remote Work

June 29, 2020 by Fuze

At Fuze, it has always been our mission to support the enterprise with the right tools to enable seamless communications and team collaboration that drives business success no matter where, how, or when organizations and their employees operate. Reliability, productivity and flexibility sit at the core of this mission and are two areas of innovation in which we continue to focus our product development. 


Customer experiences are our favorite way to watch this mission come to life. We are proud to work closely with our customers to address their unique needs and enable productive remote work throughout the pandemic and beyond. To hear about their journeys firsthand, our customers shared how Fuze has impacted their remote work experience.


Productive Remote Work Testimonials:


“Transitioning to a mandatory WFH scenario was made much easier thanks to Fuze's cloud communication platform. Our employees were able to continue 'business as usual' because of the many platforms that Fuze can run on (desktop, mobile app, etc.). The IT team has also been able to easily provide remote control support using the screen control feature in Meetings.” - Seymour Simone, IT Manager, Poppin’


"We're so thankful for Fuze and the other tools that allow us to continue to serve others remotely." - Stacie DePeau, CIO, Easterseals Southern California


"We wanted to get to a modern workplace that would allow us to support all of our remote locations along with remote workers and bring the organization together through a single platform. One of the major drivers for us was reducing cost and overhead, so my technical staff could be more engaged and focused on value-oriented projects. I had a goal of a 25% cost reduction but I think it will be closer to 50% by the time we are done." - Michele Buschman, VP Information Services, American Pacific Mortgage


"With Fuze, it's great to have one app where you can chat, call, or have a meeting. Three critical components, when it comes to communication, all under one app. It's fantastic." - Nadim Hajje, VP of Information Technology and Data Analytics, Omega World Travel


“We implemented Fuze at exactly the right time prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. If we did not have the flexibility to use desk phones, softphones, and mobile phone apps in various combinations, our WFH plans would have been severely hampered. Being able to expand collaboration & meetings outside of management to our field Account Managers allowed them to maintain presence with our customers, even when they couldn't be there physically. I feel this has been a real differentiator with our customers and has helped us maintain business.” - David Houchins, Telecom Administrator, N.B. Handy Company


“Fuze has greatly improved the productivity of our organization. Communication is always a struggle, but the versatility of the Fuze platform has give us tools to not only improve communication, but to revolutionize our workflows. When COVID-19 hit, we were able to continue working without any downtime due to the ability to use Fuze from any location. Our call center was never offline. Fuze has also helped us stay connected with people working from home. Our employees cannot say enough about what a great tool it has been to help our teams stay connected.” - Aaron Hall, IT Vice President, Volunteer Behavioral Health


“With unified communications as a service, as long as we have a phone and have power over ethernet and things of that nature, it’s mostly plug-and-play. What has surprised me overall is just how easy of a tool it is. I’ve been working in technology for a long time, and some communication tools I’ve used in the past are not very intuitive, but within Fuze, a lot of the things are very streamlined. It was a replacement for web conferencing. It was a replacement for chat. It was a replacement for everything in one package with a bow on top. With all the requirements we were looking at, Fuze looked really good.” - Eric Helton, IT Senior Infrastructure Manager, Galls


Teamwork is the key to successful work, and we’re committed to providing our customers with the right collaboration tools to drive productivity no matter where they are located. To learn more about our customers, visit

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