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Work Flexibility Using Fuze: Offering Remote Work Options During COVID-19

September 16, 2020 by Phil Mayes

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When COVID-19 forced a lockdown here in the United Kingdom, work from home evolved from something optional to something necessary. The situation changed from spending most of the week in the office with colleagues, or visiting customers, to communicating with them in a virtual work environment for the entire week. From a technical perspective, using our own Fuze software, this was a very easy transition to make.


As the lockdown continued, I got used to the new way of working and enjoyed the extra time with my family that I gained back not having to commute each day. I still missed being face to face with my colleagues, but at the same time made the most of the situation by installing a healthy work-life balance while still working at the same level as before. Plus— I even managed to get in better shape!


Fuze doesn’t just have a flexible work from home policy, we have a flexible work from any location policy. This means that thanks to our own technology, we can choose from a variety of remote work solutions that suit our needs, as long as we’re able to meet our work commitments. My role usually involves a lot of face to face meetings, so I’d not been able to make use of this policy until now.


With lockdown slowly easing in the UK (and in Europe), my wife and I decided to travel to visit her parents in the Czech Republic. We usually make this trip every summer, and sometimes at different times throughout the year, but the difference this time is that we were able to stay longer. My management was very understanding, and it was an easy sell — if I was able to do my job on a laptop in my house then I could do the same from another country. The only condition was that the internet connection had to be strong. So we packed up the car and made the long journey to Central Europe, following all the required protocols along the way. 


In terms of my working day, all that changed was that I was sitting at a different desk. Video conferencing worked exactly as before, I could send and receive instant messages with colleagues who were now hundreds —rather than tens— of miles away, and most importantly, my UK work phone number came with me. All of this I could do from my laptop or through the Fuze app on my mobile phone. For all intents and purposes, I could have been working from any location in the world. 


From a personal perspective, this meant my extended family could spend more time together and my children could enjoy more freedom in a country where COVID-19 lockdown restrictions had been eased due to the expert handling of the situation. Using Fuze meant that I could split my time there between working and holiday, and be flexible if I needed to change my schedule.  


Overall, my experience sums up one of the things I like most about working at Fuze: we don’t just sell our technology, we use it ourselves. Not only that, but we use it in a way that can also bring great value to our customers by providing the tools to work where and how you need to. Fuze allowed me to still do my job while making the most of my personal time. There is no doubt in my mind that Fuze is the best tool to manage a remote team.

Phil Mayes
Phil Mayes

Phil is a Principal Sales Engineer at Fuze. 

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