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Your Guide to the Best Gifts for Remote Workers

December 23, 2019 by Alex Campanelli

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During the holiday season, work days are often cut short and schedules are packed tight. But many workers are fortunate to have flexible work policies that allow them to take their work home or on the road. In fact, remote working options are an important factor for the majority of the world’s workforce with close to 90 percent reporting that flexibility should be how we work and not just a benefit. 


A growing remote workforce has sparked an influx of products that make remote work feel more like an office experience from the comfort of a couch or a coffee shop down the street. For anyone making a last-minute holiday gift run, we’ve gathered the best gifts for remote workers this year: 


Starting with the essentials ($20-$50)


LapGear, Home Office Lap Desk: Lap desks are the perfect gift for a new remote worker. When working from home part-time or in a small apartment, lap desks are the perfect way to feel comfortable while working without having a dedicated office space or on-the-go. 



TIJN, Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Working remotely often means outside of the traditional 9-5. Blue light cancelling glasses are a great way to help relieve eye-stress from using devices early in the morning or late at night. The best part about them? You can find quality blue light glasses for as low as $30, or invest in a longer-lasting pair for upwards of $100. 



For a remote work pro ($50-$100) 

Bose, Companion® 2 Series III Multimedia Speaker System: A good speaker system is ideal for any remote worker, especially those who rely on voice and video conferencing to communicate with their teams. These speakers include a headphone jack for crisp audio with or without headphones, making them perfect for a home office. 



Investing in a home office ($100+)

Samsung, 28" UE570 UHD Monitor: For the full-time or high-tech remote worker, investing in a monitor can ensure office-quality hardware in your home. If you’re looking to spoil your favorite remote worker, a dual monitor set-up is an extra step to upgrading a home office. From content sharing on a video call to an expanded screen view, quality monitors will help remote workers conquer the workday and increase productivity. 


Jabra, Evolve 75 Wireless Headset: A good headset can change the remote work experience in an instant. Not only is this headset portable, allowing for quick, on-the-go convenience, but they offer a hands-free alternative to voice collaboration. These headsets are ideal for workers with high call volumes in noisy work environments, perfect for the working parent or the coffee-shop worker with a uni-directional boom microphone and active noise cancellation.


A little extra something


If you’re looking to give your remote worker an extra pick-me-up, grab a gift card from a local coffee shop or their favorite meal delivery service. Or give the gift that keeps on giving and check out a snack box subscription that delivers their favorites right to their door. If there’s one thing a remote worker knows, it's that you can’t go wrong with some caffeine or a quick food-fix. 


Remote work supports the needs of the modern workforce, keeping a good work-life balance while staying productive. Sharing gifts that support your remote working friends and family will help set them up for success no matter what they choose to call their office. To learn more about remote work culture, visit:

Alex Campanelli
Alex Campanelli

Alex is the Content Strategist at Fuze, responsible for helping set the company’s content strategy and creating various forms of content that engage our audience. 

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