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Increasing Workforce Productivity with the Latest Fuze Integration: G Suite Add-On

May 14, 2020 by Jed Brown

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The G Suite add-on is the latest addition to Fuze’s integration platform. This integration provides flexible work by meeting users where they work, streamlining the user experience with Google products and enabling less toggling back and forth between applications to improve workforce productivity. 


Fuze’s Google integration offerings now include the G Suite Gmail integration, Fuze Web for Google Chrome and the Google Chrome Browser Extension, which includes the Fuze Meeting Google Plug-in. These integrations further empower users with greater flexibility, which is critical to supporting increased labor productivity. 


To best maximize a seamless experience through Fuze with Google, here is a guide on how to use each Google integration. 


Using Fuze's Google Integration


The Fuze G Suite integration with Google Chrome: Fuze for Web grants any user or guest participant the same experience and tools available in the Fuze Desktop. 


Directly connect Fuze in Chrome with no required plug-ins or downloads. 



The Fuze G Suite add-on for Gmail: This integration enhances the overall calling experience by providing a seamless handoff between the two platforms. 


Simply use one-click Fuze calling to get in touch through any contact’s phone number in a Gmail thread. 





The Fuze Google Chrome Browser Extension: This extension includes the Fuze Meeting Google plug-in, enabling Fuze users to seamlessly schedule and edit Fuze meetings, as well as utilize click-to-join from Google Calendar. The plug-in also offers additional language support for French, Italian, German and Spanish. 


Access a dial-pad to directly dial a phone number from your toolbar and use the click-to-call option to make phone calls from any webpage that lists a phone number. 



To learn more about Fuze’s Google integrations, visit Google Marketplace.

Jed Brown
Jed Brown

Jed is the SVP of Product at Fuze. 

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