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One Fuze: How to Build a Strong Company Culture & Strong Company Values While Working Remote

July 15, 2020 by Elisa Gilmartin

At Fuze, management style is heavily team-focused and career goal-driven in order to create a positive company culture. We’ve determined that the best way to find success is to define our values and make it our mission to define core values and communicate them to every member of our team from day one. Especially with the impact of the pandemic and the adoption of full-time remote work, this expectation keeps every employee – whether they are a veteran worker or a new Fuzer – on track for productivity and engagement. 


Defining Core Values  


To discover the values that drive our success, we conducted a company-wide, employee-driven exercise to create formal company values that we proudly embody as a team. Our core list of values include: 


Think Like Customers, Act Like Owners – This speaks to being able to understand the customer’s point of view and to incorporate that thinking into what Fuzers do. Since we started Fuze, understanding our customers and acting quickly on their needs has been a key part of our success.


Challenge Conventional Wisdom – This was the most popular theme which came directly from employee feedback. Within a competitive market, we must be more audacious, have more courage, and be more adaptive to win. We value dissenting and alternative opinions when expressed respectfully.


Take Action and Deliver Results – Many felt strongly that we needed a value that spoke to having a strong action bias and a data-driven focus on results. We recognize that teams are most effective when they have a strong operational rhythm in place.


Great People Do Great Things – We define a great employee as one who is curious, humble, empathetic, trustworthy, intelligent, and effective. These are the traits that we encourage, recognize, and promote.


We Only Win as One Fuze – This was universally seen as the most important value.  When you set up incentives and goals for employees and departments, you can sometimes lose sight of the big picture: that individual needs must take a backseat to the needs of Fuze as a whole. We recognize and encourage behavior where individual employees put Fuze’s interests ahead of their own.


From the importance of work-life balance to challenging norms, we encourage our workforce to live our strong company values each day and to embrace teamwork. 


The Impact of Teamwork and One Fuze 


Fuze is on a mission to empower people to interact wherever and whenever they want, which is now more apparent than ever since the onset of the pandemic. Our teams’ drive to create a platform that makes this mission a reality is what keeps us innovating and thinking ahead of the industry. Overall, we know that the best remote work is accomplished when there is an obvious goal in mind, and we believe that this means prioritizing teamwork to be as successful as possible. This focus enables our team to keep Fuze’s momentum strong, agile, and always concentrated as One Fuze. 


We ensure that our positive company culture is maintained while working remote by placing management at the center of encouragement, feedback, and change. Company leaders at Fuze believe that successful management is achieved when a leader focuses on their direct reports' understanding of their impact to the company's overall goals, as well as how to surpass those goals— which in turn strengthens our team as a whole.


Fuze also encourages open and honest communication channels between all workers in order to ensure each employee has every opportunity to do their best remote work in the most effective environment. It is even more critical to Fuze’s leadership team that employee morale and confidence remain high while remote. Work-life balance is a significant pillar of supporting a healthy work environment, and we have incorporated more initiatives to ensure that Fuzers feel connected when distributed. Our HR leaders, managers and everyone in between work hard to initiate various activities and extra support to create a deeper connection on teams no matter the circumstances. 


When company leaders set standards based on workforce needs and amplify them to impact the bottomline of the company’s values, each team member is held accountable to embrace and align with overarching goals. To learn more about remote work and find resources to support your teams, click here.

Elisa Gilmartin
Elisa Gilmartin

Elisa is Chief People Officer at Fuze. She is responsible for championing a culture of innovation and designing strategies to attract, develop, and retain world-class talent, while continuing to strengthen an environment of high-performance and collaboration. Elisa brings more than 20 years of proven experience driving human capital transformation initiatives that enable growth and scalability at technology and SaaS companies. 

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