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The Virtual Meeting Room: A Three-Step Checklist While Working from Home

May 06, 2020 by Amanda Maksymiw

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Since the last time we commuted to work and stepped into the office, the traditional meeting room has transformed into a fully-digital experience. As remote workers continue to join virtual meetings, it is important that each worker joins the call with the intention and goal to be productive and advance projects. In this climate, however, that may be easier said than done.


While a portion of the workforce is composed of full-time and part-time remote work veterans, the virtual meeting experience is brand new to some and can present unique challenges. To create a more seamless experience, unified communication and collaboration platforms are built to combine the convenience of one-on-one chat capabilities with the flexibility of 1,000 participant meetings. Workers and businesses alike are leaning on these enterprise communication tools during a time where remote work has become the norm to not only move everyday business objectives forward, but to also spread positivity across teams. 


Prioritizing this checklist before joining a virtual meeting will help teams enter calls confidently and support feeling more connected — even when separated by the screen.


How to Use Virtual Meetings to Maximize Remote Work 


1. Turn on your video 


The easiest way to begin an engaging virtual meeting is by turning on video. At Fuze, we lead with a video-first approach for all team meetings. While it may take some getting used to, video conferencing helps to bridge distance between teams and increases overall engagement. Our research finds that when meeting participants use video at any point during a meeting, the length of the meeting increases on average by 14 percent. That’s more time for workers to get to know each other, build upon relationships that are crucial to business success, and complete every item on the call agenda. 


2. Use tech’s capabilities to its fullest potential


There are countless ways to stay connected during a meeting by taking advantage of what is offered through unified communications and collaborations tools. Whether it's on your desktop, laptop or even a mobile device, your location doesn’t have to stifle your productivity. Carrying a conversation from chat to phone to video can be a seamless escalation when you know how to best use the technology. Take a moment to dig into the capabilities of your virtual meeting tools to ensure you are prepared to join a virtual meeting anytime and anywhere. 


3. Have a little fun 


Team collaboration is now more important than ever. It is critical to engage and encourage workers when working remotely, in order to keep both spirits and productivity high. At Fuze, we’ve embraced the little things during virtual meetings to better get to know one another and have some fun in the meantime. From crazy hat days to taking a moment to introduce pets and kids, making a virtual meeting interactive brings a team closer together and fosters a greater sense of connectedness while physically apart. 



A Fuze product team meeting, showing off their favorite hats.


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Amanda Maksymiw
Amanda Maksymiw

Amanda is responsible for setting and managing the Fuze content marketing strategy including creating, producing and publishing engaging content. Throughout her career, she's worked with fast-growing tech companies and VCs on developing content marketing, influencer marketing and social media strategies. Amanda received her BBA in Marketing from the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

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