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How one Sales Team is Using Fuze to Strengthen Relationships with Prospects

August 01, 2014 by

Interview with Tom Lavery, Senior Vice President of Reward Gateway

1. What does your organization do? What are you trying to achieve?

Reward Gateway is a provider of HR software, specifically focused on employee benefits. Our core product has been an employee discount program. Since we came to US, our program has expanded into financial well being, including budgeting tools for employees to manage their income. We are a global company who reaches customers from Australia and New Zealand to the UK, Ireland and the United States.  

As a company we have 165 employees distributed across Europe and the US, including a offices in Bulgaria, Macedonia, UK, USA and Australia.

2. Why did you choose Fuze? 

I’ve never liked GoTo Meeting or Webex that much, and wanted to try something new. l like the fact you can share video content. Fuze is a much better representation of us as a business.

3. How do you use Fuze today? 

We use it in our US sales team for everything we do; from the initial discovery call, to online presentations, meetings and pitches it’s all done through Fuze.

4. How is Fuze making an impact? 

The ease of use in terms of using the recording for training, and being able to listen back to our prospect meetings is a really important part of what we do. It was harder to access to recordings, and content, being able to stream it on other platforms like Webex. I have to come back to the ease of use as really aligning with the company brand. All our sales people listen back to their calls again to understand the customer and prepare for the next part of the sales process.

For our prospects, most of them download the app because the quality is so much better. We build business over 4-18 months so we really get to know them and Fuze makes that communication easy.

Fuze for Windows

5. Top tip for Fuze users?

Use the content library! It’s a great feature to ensure you are ready to be able show people presentations and information on the fly, by storing the content in the library.

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