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Ringing, Chatting, and Video Messaging in the Holiday Season

December 15, 2016 by Amanda Maksymiw

Habari Gani? Happy Hanukkah. Merry Christmas.


No matter which holiday you celebrate in December, it’s the time of year when families, friends, and workplaces pause to acknowledge the hard work and fun of the past year while reveling in the possibilities of the one to come. At Fuze, the holidays offer a window into the different ways we communicate. Look no further than the annual holiday party. While the Baby Boomer CEO passes out hand-written cards of gratitude, the post-grad intern is snapping the entire affair on their mobile device.*

Something we often discuss is the importance of understanding these differences to ensure we’re always bringing out the best in our teams. With four generations now in the workforce, businesses that master this balancing act will find themselves at a significant competitive advantage. As the Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) market continues to grow, it will be more important than ever to find a solution that can cater to these preferences and generational differences to nurture collaborative workplaces. Whether it be voice, video, or messaging, implementing a platform that embraces new technologies while acknowledging the value of legacy tools will be key in empowering employees of all ages to reach their potential.

This is particularly interesting as Generation Z, or the App Generation, starts to enter the workforce on the heels of their chat-loving counterparts, Generation Y. Thus far, as Millennials have driven the adoption of collaborative chat functionality, it stands to reason that in the next five years the top UC platforms will integrate new elements mirroring the apps favored by Generation Z, complicating the landscape even further. To prepare, UC providers need to tackle generational differences and behaviors to ease future transitions.

It is an exciting time in unified communications. As you prepare for the celebrations ahead, don’t forget to ring, chat, or video message your teams to wish them season’s greetings. From all of us here at Fuze, have a very happy and safe holiday season.

*Interns, do this at your own risk.

Amanda Maksymiw
Amanda Maksymiw

Amanda is responsible for setting and managing the Fuze content marketing strategy including creating, producing and publishing engaging content. Throughout her career, she's worked with fast-growing tech companies and VCs on developing content marketing, influencer marketing and social media strategies. Amanda received her BBA in Marketing from the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

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