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Rules of Engagement For Remote Working (Huffington Post)

June 23, 2014 by

From Huffington Post, June 23, 2014 … Small businesses have to engage with people all the time -- their own employees, outside vendors, customers. The default is usually to "have a meeting." But chances are, these aren't going so well for you. According to a survey reported by CNBC.com, executives say 67 percent of their meetings are failures. Yet, as much as 15 percent of an organization's collective time is spent in meetings -- and top management spends 50 percent of their day in meetings. Overall,Research Digest estimates businesses hold 11 million meetings across the United States every day, and $37 billion is lost on unproductive meetings.

All small business owners know that the best use of their time is engaging with customers and prospects, and useless meetings are simply intolerable. Moreover, even when you could potentially be meeting with those key audiences, research by Fuze shows that 92 percent of meeting participants multitask during the session -- 41 percent do so "often" or "all the time" -- while 69 percent check email and 49 percent do other, unrelated work.

It's no wonder meetings are so unproductive when participants are actively disengaged. And, as the proportion of remote workers increases for businesses, engagement becomes even more difficult because individuals at distant sites often have difficulty following along and contributing.

These findings don't mean, however, that your company should cancel all its meetings going forward; rather, you can find ways to help meetings add value to the organization by disseminating information, supporting individual and team efforts, making essential connections and -- above all -- keeping employees engaged.

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