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Saint Louis University - Sharing Knowledge and the University through Fuze

November 14, 2013 by

As the oldest university west of the Mississippi, St. Louis University searched for a solution to overcome the barriers associated with a distributed faculty and student population across campus and around the globe.  In October they deployed Fuze campus wide from Saint Louis to Madrid enabling better communication, collaboration between staff, as well as increasing their ability to provide classes beyond a typical classroom.  Fuze is helping the university remain competitive in the delivery of a world class education to over 10,000 students regardless of location.

“What we hope to achieve by implementing Fuze at Saint Louis University is the ability to connect people down the street or around the world.” – Paaige Turner, Associate Professor, Communications

"We are using it now to offer a full degree program to be provided with our Madrid campus and that is something that we had not been able to do prior to the utilization of Fuze.” —David Hakanson, Vice President and Chief Information Officer.

Take a look at the video link to learn more.

Saint Louis University: Sharing Knowledge and the University from Eric Hanson on Vimeo.

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