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Seattle Fuze Team Has a Smashing Good Time

July 15, 2015 by

We here at Fuze look forward to our team outings and bonding time. We work hard, and we bond hard. On July 10, our Seattle office hosted our summer event in style at Smash Putt! – where the creativity of industrial artists is pitted against the skills and craftiness of players. Think mad scientist meets putt-putt meets pop-up nightclub setting. Your average Friday evening, right?

Our team in attendance was a small but mighty one. Below, from left to right, you’ll see Jessica Morrison (that’s me!), Chris Araman, Radu Simionescu, Philip Beber, Eric Davison and Aaron Brumfield.

Seattle Fuze team

We had no idea how intense and hysterical these challenges would be! The first hole (never mind that it was labeled #5), Scratch n'Sniff, required us to spin a wheel and identify a smell with a corresponding image. And what kind of scents did we have to identify, you ask? Oh, let’s see: grape soda, propane, garlic, taco truck...anyone else reminded of Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka?

Fuze-smashputt-blog-1Philip and Chris attempt the Scratch n’sniff challenge.

The second hole challenged players to sink a putt while navigating a changing terrain because...well, why not? All thoughts of scorekeeping flew right out the window as we sized up the remaining holes and decided a second round of drinks was in order.

Fuze-smashputt-blog-2Radu Simionescu at Moving Terrain.

The night continued with a leisurely pizza break to fortify ourselves for the remaining feats of a skeeball-themed hole, a fantastic convertible "lowrider" journey, a vertical maze culminating in a golfball cannon firing range and a diamond heist à la Mission: Impossible meets Entrapment – complete with lasers! We even had time for some hula hoops, making us all reminisce about childhood playtime.

Fuze-smashputt-blog-4The diamond heist challenge; the venue's refreshing bar; Eric, Philip, and Aaron put their engineering minds together; and we fire off those golfball cannons!

Fuze-smashputt-blog-3We just had to share Chris’ mad hula hooping skills.

Our team event couldn’t have gone better. We ended the memorable night thoroughly exhilarated from all the laughs, good food and those crazy putt-putts. No time was wasted excitedly making plans for our next outing…. I’m thinking Karaoke!

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