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The Secret World of Alex (and) Mac | A Day in the Life of an Inside Fuzer

November 15, 2016 by Alex Shipley and Mac Hoggan

People who like campy ‘90s Nickelodeon shows (or those who have kids that grew up in the 90s) may remember The Secret World of Alex Mack. Contaminated by some toxic sludge, Alex gains superhuman powers that allow her to change shape from place to place while carrying an electric current.

Sadly, we’re not resurrecting the sitcom for your viewing pleasure, but the title is a perfect introduction to a very dynamic duo here at Fuze. As magnetic as they are fluid, they’ve got that certain swagger. And, they’ve have been traveling far and wide to train teams on what makes Fuze so great. What’s even better? They walk the talk, using our app to stay connected no matter where they are on the map.

Meet Alex and Mac, our resident experts on how to get things done in the modern workplace. From in-depth collaboration sessions while working remote to learning the best hacks for in-flight productivity, they’re bringing the Fuze experience to life from the inside out.

Out in the field, they’re gaining valuable intelligence on what makes Fuze’s UX resonate. Together, they can teach us all a thing or two about what it takes to juggle it all, without sacrificing productivity or teamwork.

We sat down with them to share a few of their simple tricks on how to stay sane in the modern workplace:

Learn to love screen sharing. There’s no project we can’t tackle when we remember to tap into screen sharing. It seems so obvious, but in practice, it’s not! The more time spent in the app, the more it becomes a habit. You may be finding yourself talking through the solution to a problem over the phone and out of the blue, saying: Why don’t you SHOW me what you had in mind? It takes a few of these “aha” moments when working closely with someone before the magic happens. The more opportunities you have to dive in together to make virtual headway on projects, the more quickly you’ll start to lean on technology and make the most of your apps. It’s second nature now, but that wasn’t always the case. Routines are formed when sharing becomes easy. That’s the power of a positive UX: it creates lasting impressions that encourage people to go the extra mile to connect.

Embrace instant meetings. Managing projects across time zones while in and out of the office presents its challenges, but now there are fewer barriers than ever to make distance melt away. Making decisions on the fly and involving the right people at the right moment, enables us do more and tackle changes that will naturally arise. We’ve all been there. Hopping on our apps at the airport to make a last-minute edit to the sales deck or to share a note with a developer. Picking up where you left off when chatting at your desk, without racking up long distance charges or fumbling through reminders to figure out the best way to reach someone. It’s the simple things that make a world of difference when you’re on the road. It’s these same options that create continuity between team members when you return.

Let’s chat about it. Whether sharing funny music videos or an office challenge, in-app messaging has become more commonplace than group texts – both personal and professional. And when you’re as close as we are with our co-workers, this can mean non-stop threads. In today’s workplace, continuous access to colleagues creates community. The platforms that support these kinds of interactions will have the greatest success, and Fuze stands up to the challenge.

Productivity begins and ends with passion. As cliché as it may seem, it rings so true in the conversations we’ve had with our sales teams out in the field. Stay tuned for more tips from us on how to succeed in the modern workplace.

Alex Shipley and Mac Hoggan
Alex Shipley and Mac Hoggan
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