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Service Provisioning? TPN’s Got You Covered

April 11, 2014 by

Our primary goal during the provisioning process, as always, is to make sure each implementation progresses exactly the way a customer expects it to. Our next goal? To surpass their expectations. Here, find four simple steps to ensure a flawless transition to the cloud:

1. Take advantage of the resources at your disposal. The TPN onboarding team includes more than just a project manager and provisioning engineer. While these two individuals have the most contact with customers during the provisioning process, a full contingent of professionals is available to assist clients with any questions or concerns they may have. Every onboarding team includes a dedicated porting specialist and an account manager. The latter acts as the primary liaison for customers as they navigate the sales-to-provisioning and provisioning-to-support handoff processes. Furthermore, this individual remains the primary contact for the duration of a client’s contract with TPN and help with all moves, adds, and changes. A client’s provisioning team knows their account inside and out and is specialized enough to solve any issues that arise.

2. Be willing to test the waters. Our provisioning team remains active with an account until it is transitioned over to the account management team. This means that our team will be actively involved in testing all new system settings to ensure parity with the initial designs. Customers can expect us to test all gear, LAN/WAN connections, call flows (auto-attendant, queues, and contact center), DID ports, and provisioning configurations.

3. Implement a failover circuit and have an emergency response plan. Our cloud infrastructure is fully redundant and available to our customers regardless of any catastrophic events that occur during the course of business. However, we still encourage clients to plan for the rare business disruption. In all of our years of experience, the most common cause for outages is a backhoe hitting the circuit cabling—and it’s hard to anticipate this! Due to our infrastructure, inbound calls are always handled with ease. However, if clients need the ability to make outbound calls during an outage of any type, they have to plan accordingly. We recommend either having us provide a redundant Internet connection to the office or having an additional circuit in place from a local carrier (e.g. FiOS).

4. Get your hands dirty. We strongly believe in extensive training for all new customers. Our goal is to leave each customer feeling 100% confident in their new technology and tools. In addition to onsite training options, we have an extensive library of self-training materials that is available to both account administrators and—more importantly—to individual users.

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