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Seven Weekly Stats: Adapting to the Millennial Workforce

February 10, 2015 by

It goes without saying that millennials have led the evolution of workplace technology. Disparate devices, such as desktops and desk phones, are slowly being replaced by mobile devices that can do the work of both gadgets—and more. But it's not just the devices that millennials use to do work—it's also the ways in which they're doing their jobs.

1. The transition to a United States millennial-dominated workforce will happen, and pretty quickly. 2020 will see half of the nation's workforce be made up of folks born after 1980. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) (Tweet this)

2. It doesn't end there. Exponential change in the makeup of the workforce will be truly realized following 2020, and that number will increase to 75 percent by 2025. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) (Tweet this)

3. SMS messaging will continue to become omnipresent among the adult population. According to Experian, adults aged 18-24 send and receive 128 text messages per day. Those 55+? 16. That's 1/8th of the former figure. (Experian) (Tweet this)

4. In the value of workplace tools, mobility is key—74 percent of companies have begun to issue laptops to employees. Meanwhile, 71 percent of organizations have done the same with smartphones. (Frost & Sullivan) (Tweet this)

5. Mobility has forced a shift in the physical landscape of the United States workplace, too. In fact, 38 percent of employees define themselves as either mobile or remote workers. (Frost & Sullivan) (Tweet this)

6. Mobility isn't just changing the way that millennials work—it's also significant in the way they consume: 39 percent of millennials will stay loyal to a particular brand or product that appears to be in tune with technology, as opposed to one that is not. (Annalect) (Tweet this)

7. With that in mind, technology has given businesses without "brand names" a significant amount of leverage that they previously didn't have. In fact, over half (52 percent) of millennials cite technology as the paramount consideration in choosing a product, signifying the beginning of a shift in how we consume as a society. (Annalect) (Tweet this)

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