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Seven Weekly Stats: Calling All CMOs—The Importance of Unified Communications in Marketing

June 23, 2015 by

It goes without saying that modern marketing professionals are heavily reliant on technology. Demand generation, email campaigns, and marketing automation platforms, as well as sales-centric tools like CRM databases, have no doubt allowed marketers to build more complete buyer personas, better understand prospects, and reach more people.

Yet while all of these components are integral to any comprehensive marketing effort, there's something that many marketing leaders are missing—a reliable, efficient communications platform to tie together all of their efforts. And while reliability and efficiency might not be at the forefront of most CMOs' minds when it comes to maximizing their marketing efforts, it should be, as the implications are massive.

For those without unified communications, the necessity to navigate between channels—which all ultimately aim for the goal of increasing marketing activity—can be time consuming. The good news is that it's unnecessary.

Here are seven stats that illustrate the importance of communications efficiency and reliability to CMOs:

1. On average, 59 percent of Fortune 500 companies suffer 1.6 hours of weekly downtime. And for high-powered marketing teams with ambitious goals to meet, that's simply not acceptable. (Dunn & Bradstreet) (Tweet this)

2. How much does downtime cost? Up to $108,000 per hour—money that could be devoted to increased marketing efforts. (Vision Solutions) (Tweet this)

3. While lead generation is vital to any marketing effort, potential often goes unrealized—1 in 10 marketers say that their processes are as effective and efficient as possible. (CMO Council) (Tweet this)

4. 4 in 10 email users bought one or more items or services in the past year that were advertised in a promotional email. While not the only method of outreach, emails have proven to be effective. (Convince and Convert) (Tweet this)

5. The three biggest problems that marketing organizations report are data storage (36 percent), data quality (23 percent), and actionability potential (15 percent)—all things that can be vastly improved through unified communications. (CMO Council) (Tweet this)

6. Millennials aren't concerned with how they interact with companies—58 percent of them demand that they can do so however and whenever they desire. So it's important to have a multitude of channels ready. (CMO Council) (Tweet this)

7. 40 percent of B2B marketers claim that leads arising from email-based marketing campaigns are high-quality. But imagine what they could do if they could increase efficiency and thus put out more emails in less time? (Software Advice Survey) (Tweet this)

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