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Seven Weekly Stats: Productivity Gains Through Unified Communications

January 13, 2015 by

It’s seven o’clock on a Friday night, and you’ve still got another hour's worth of work to do before you can go home. Why are you working this late—again?

“Just trying to get some stuff done before the weekend,” you say.

But is that truly it? Are you really in the miniscule percentage of the population with the insatiable desire to be consistently working, even on a Friday night?

Perhaps you use the old cliché: “There are just not enough hours in a day.”

Well, given that the 24-hour length of a day isn’t changing anytime soon, you probably won’t gather much sympathy.

The real answer: You’re not as productive as you could be.

That half-hour lunch becomes a two-hour expedition into town. Ten minutes of checking social media becomes an hour-long inquisition into your friend’s past two weeks. Nobody is completely innocent: we’ve all been guilty of becoming distracted at one point or another. But often, wasted time is not a result of deliberate distractions, but rather due to spending too much time chasing down co-workers…in all the wrong places.

Thankfully, as technology continues to advance, increased efficiency becomes possible. And, with unified communications tying together everything you require to interact—voice, messaging, analytics, and API integration—with co-workers and clients, you can spend less time switching between devices (and often, using the wrong method) and more time being productive.

Here are seven statistics that illustrate how much work time is wasted—and how unified communications can make you more productive:

1. 36 percent of employees report that they fail to contact their intended co-worker the first time they try. (Sage Research) (Tweet this)

2. Communication problems result in 27 percent of respondents to a survey claiming daily project delays. (Forrester) (Tweet this)

3. And just how many people suffer quarterly from the aforementioned plight? 78 percent of employees. (Forrester) (Tweet this)

4. Without unified messaging, workers waste more than 75 minutes daily tending to multiple communication channels such as e-mail, instant message, and voicemail. (Sage Research) (Tweet this)

5. On average, companies with UC presence save 32 minutes per day in missed calls. (Sage Research) (Tweet this)

6. 52 percent of people said that they had to utilize more than one method of communication to get in touch with the desired employee. (Sage Research) (Tweet this)

7. We've mentioned in-office benefits, but mobile employees are the real winners: they gain 40 minutes per day in productivity, which equals 3.5 days annually. That’s half a week! (Sage Research) (Tweet this)

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