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Seven Weekly Stats: The Reality of Smartphone Dependence

March 10, 2015 by

It's often said that we're tied to our phones. Even though most of us don't physically have said devices latched to our wrists, it doesn't take a genius to see how much we're on our phones. Whether in the store, riding the subway, or sitting at home on the couch with my roommates, I consistently see eyes fixated on a small screen.

And while many of us find ourselves passing the time by looking at Facebook or Instagram, our mobile device obsession is far from rooted in our insatiable need for entertainment. An acquaintance who is the managing partner of a national law firm wakes up once an hour overnight to check his phone. While I wouldn't recommend such an extreme practice, it doesn't change the fact that we are incredibly dependent on our mobile devices. And given that, it only makes sense to have a comprehensive unified communications solution to enable you to bundle otherwise disparate components and get the most out of your mobile device.

Here are seven statistics that highlight the state of addiction to our phones:

1. Ever been in the middle of a debate and needed some information to help you trump your opposition? You're not alone—27 percent of adults have utilized their mobile device to look up facts on the spot to boost their case. (Pew Research Center) (Tweet this)

2. In the last 10 years, alarm clocks have become more and more obsolete—54 percent of respondents to an O2 survey claim to have ditched their bedside buzzer for a custom phone-based sound. (O2) (Tweet this)

3. Alarm clock manufacturers aren't the only ones having to re-invent their strategy—so too are watch makers. Unless you're wearing a Rolex, you've probably replaced it with your cell phone, as have 46 percent of mobile phone users. (O2) (Tweet this)

4. While mobile browsers are important to any robust device, apps are where its at—men and women both spend over one day out of each month (30 hrs, 58 min for women; 29 hrs, 32 min for men) using apps on their phone. ONE DAY! (Nielsen) (Tweet this)

5. 44 percent of smartphone owners sleep with their phone on their nightstand to ensure they don't miss any incoming calls or messages.  (Pew Research Center) (Tweet this)

6. You know how we were talking about alarm clock and watch manufacturers struggling? They're far from the only ones: 39 percent of mobile users won't buy a standalone camera—they'd rather use their phone. (O2) (Tweet this)

7. Just for fun: Not all of our time is spent being productive on mobile devices. 18 percent of total time on smartphones is spent on Facebook. Even with its ubiquity, that's still an unthinkable amount of time using a single app. (Flurry Analytics) (Tweet this)

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