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Seven Weekly Stats: Unified Communications Adoption

February 17, 2015 by

It’s no secret that humans are resistant to change—particularly in their daily routines. Whether sitting in a different seat in the office or driving a new route to work due to a detour, most of us dislike variance.

But what if we were to make a change that makes our lives easier? More efficient? Less labor-intensive?

Still, many would resist. After all, in the short term, learning something new takes time. It makes sense to keep doing what we've been doing rather than waste time figuring out a new, challenging solution—right?


Unified communications isn't out to change the way that you go about your daily interactions. Rather, it brings them together so that you don’t waste time performing disparate tasks. In time, this will allow you to become more successful at interacting with co-workers.

1. A 2015 survey from Sonus indicated that 72 percent of enterprises have adopted at least one component of a unified communications solution. (Sonus) (Tweet this)

2. In terms of popularity in businesses of all sizes, cloud-based calendars are tops, as 38 percent of SMBs and 17 percent of enterprises are currently employing them. (Nemertes) (Tweet this)

3. Even companies that haven't adopted unified communications are recognizing the importance of flexibility and ease with communications—nearly half have a recognized BYOD strategy, and four out of 10 allow their employees to work from home either on occasion or regularly. (Evolve IP) (Tweet this)

4. 18 percent of organizations have bridges for videoconferencing that are located in the cloud. (Nemertes) (Tweet this)

5. At first, security worries were a big part of unified communications deployments, but now 65 percent of organizations report that their deployments have never been affected by compliance or safety concerns. (InformationWeek) (Tweet this)

6. Despite the stereotypical reticence to technological change, many are more willing to adopt than you might think: Only nine percent of businesses consider it to be a major obstacle. (Evolve IP) (Tweet this)

7. Unified communications still has significant growth potential—28 percent of organizations aren't even acquainted with its true definition. (Evolve IP) (Tweet this)


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