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Seven Weekly Stats: Unified Communications in 2015

June 30, 2015 by

Most discussions regarding unified communications gravitate towards potential. And rightly so—the fact that less than 10 million out of the 300 million enterprise employees on earth have moved their communications to the cloud suggests that there's significant optimization of processes and interactions to be had.

What many don't realize, however, is the scale to which we're already changing the ways we do things. While full-scale adoption of UC is yet to happen, businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of implementing solutions to simplify processes, enhance productivity, and, ultimately, make businesses more successful.

Through this amalgamation of survey statistics, we take a look at how many folks have made the move, as well as the top drivers for unified communications adoption and what implementing unified communications truly means.

1. 70 percent of IT professionals claim to have no or little understanding of what unified communications actually is. (Evolve IP) (Tweet this)

2. Think it probably wasn't wise to start off the post with a stat about unfamiliarity? Well, it would appear so—until you learn that 63 percent of companies actually utilize a minimum of one unified communications applications. (Nemertes Research) (Tweet this)

3. Why are people implementing unified communications? Better collaboration, which ultimately means better business. And who doesn't want that? (Information Week) (Tweet this)

4. 33 percent of enterprises are already on email services housed in the cloud, and this year will see another 12 percent moving their communications there before year's end. (Nemertes Research) (Tweet this)

5. 61 percent of companies are offering a BYOD program—so the importance of mobile enablement is certainly present. (Evolve IP) (Tweet this)

6. Unified communications application use saw a year-over-year increase of 21 percent between Q3 of 2013 and the same timeframe of the next year. And with Q3 of 2015 still to come, we can expect to see a similarly impressive growth rate once again. (Infonetics) (Tweet this)

7. Finally, one stat for potential—84 percent of enterprises are weighing the possibility of implementing unified communications applications or services in the next three years. (Evolve IP) (Tweet this)

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