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Sports Teams Improve Sales with Unified Communication

June 05, 2015 by

No matter what time of year it is, there's always some type of sport happening. Whether games are occurring or the team is in the off-season, tickets are almost always available for purchase, which means organizations need to be prepared to field those types of inquiries. If they don't have the proper tools, they aren't going to be able to respond to fans' needs. However, unified communications provides teams with a system that streamlines customer service.

Boosting Sales

Sports franchises can't survive without loyal fans returning to cheer on their teams. However, those attendees aren't going to show up at games if they have to deal with incompetent and struggling ticket offices.  Organizations need efficient and knowledge customer service representatives that can sell seats and answer fans' questions. UC solutions ensure they have the tools to do that.

In 2012, the National Basketball Association's Boston Celtics doubled their sales team in preparation for the new season, according to TechTarget. To accommodate the large number of employees and the anticipated high volume of consumer phone calls, the organization upgraded to a UC system that increased their answering ability without disrupting the system. The switch to VoIP ensured that customers' calls were picked up immediately without them having to wait for the next available representative.

The Celtics weren't the only ones to implement UC solutions. The Houston Texans of the National Football League redid their entire communications system by replacing everything with UC tools. Before last season, the team had sold out 122 consecutive games, which it attributes to its new infrastructure, BizTech explained. UC improved customer service, increased collaboration, and boosted productivity. With instant messaging for business, mobility, and video conferencing, the Texans' sales team was always available to their fans. Employees can also send any calls to their office phones directly to their cellphones so they can respond to customers' questions and requests even when they aren't in the office.

Improving Internal Communications

While bringing fans into the arena is crucial, there is another aspect that is just as important to the survival of sports organizations: the success of their teams. Players need to be kept up-to-date on plays and strategies so that they can put on their best performance on the field. Whether a team wins or loses correlates to the number of tickets the box office sells. If athletes aren't playing well, they aren't going to attract any fans to their games.

The Texans regularly use UC tools to communicate with coaches and players, according to BizTech. Videophones allow trainers to talk to one another face-to-face even when they aren't together in person. This allows them to strategize better as opposed to discussing plays via email or audio conferencing. With the new wireless infrastructure, coaches were also able to provide paperless playbooks to their team. Using tablets, players can access the documents as soon as their ready, and without printing, coaches have more time to develop their plans. Digital copies also make it easy for players and training staff to update the playbook as the season progresses.

By implementing UC solutions, sports teams have been able to save time and money while increasing their efficiency and boosting sales. Without the right tools, these organizations wouldn't be able to provide excellent customer service to their fans.

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