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Why Support is at the Heart of Technology Innovation

March 16, 2017 by David Johnson, SVP Worldwide Services and Support

When I joined Fuze in early October 2016, I saw a company with a mission: rethink the way people communicate and do so with increasingly sophisticated service options.

That’s what stuck with me. Equal parts passion and technical expertise, the role at Fuze stood in front of me as an opportunity to shepherd in a new era of service delivery for an exceptional product at a high-growth organization.

And I was sold.

To be a superior product support organization, we believe a commitment to customer trust must live at the core, and be focused on the overall customer experience. The spirit of collaboration is at the heart of Fuze, which energizes the services function and connects product innovation, customer support feedback, and even marketing. When the lines of communication across the organization are strong, support teams shine.

As a result of this cross-functional vision – and my team’s hard work over the past six months – today we’re proud to introduce new Fuze Support offerings. By introducing four support package options –  Core, Enhanced, Premier, and Platinum – our customers can choose for themselves the type of service they would like to receive. By enhancing our current offerings, Fuze Support provides:

  • Enhanced initial response times, depending on support level and priority
  • Additional authorized points of contact
  • 24x7 support across the globe, access to Fuze support anytime, anywhere
  • Available add-ons: dedicated service delivery managers and network probes per site for real-time network health assessments

What’s ahead?


Part of building a best-of-breed service offering is always looking ahead at what improvements can be made: The right structures can properly triage inbound requests and streamline responses, all while enabling customers to share their experiences and create a closed-loop system that easily aggregates input to influence the product roadmap. Upcoming enhancements include the introduction of Fuze Forums and an enhanced Knowledge Base, further empowering fuzers to have open and collaborative dialogue with their peers and our team to resolve issues quickly. From novices to veterans, fuzers will have a community of professionals to tap into for quick fixes or to engage in lengthier conversations on best practices, tricks of the trade, and informative resources.

Our commitment

Better support begins and ends with people: Our team helping your team so that work works differently for your people. That’s also why we’re working to become a TSIA-certified Support Staff Excellence Center. Designed to develop this most critical service delivery resource, we’re holding ourselves accountable as we work toward this goal. We are enrolled now and expect to complete the certification later this year.

Stay tuned for more updates as we advance our mission for superior service quality with Fuze Support, helping you more effectively operate global communications in the cloud. We’re just a phone call or message away if you need us.

David Johnson, SVP Worldwide Services and Support
David Johnson, SVP Worldwide Services and Support

David Johnson is responsible for Fuze’s global customer services and support strategy and execution with a focus on delivering differentiated customer experiences throughout the customer life cycle. He has over 20 years of experience creating, leading, and innovating customer strategies to the delight of his customers.

David started his career in the U.S. Air Force and NASA, working in network engineering and communications. He then moved into the technical support field at Network General, quickly progressing into support management roles at International Network Services, Lucent Technologies, and AlterPoint.

After AlterPoint, David joined the support leadership team at Riverbed Technology, which received many industry awards for support best practices and global customer satisfaction from the Technology Services Industry Association and JD Power & Associates during his tenure. Most recently, David was vice president of global support at Panopto, a Seattle-based video content management company.

David holds a Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University.

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