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April 05, 2018 by Eric Hanson

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Aragon recognizes Fuze as a leader in Unified Communications and Collaboration


As I read the recent Aragon Research Globe for Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) 2018 report, I am reminded of some of my favorite quotes including Apple’s “Think Different,” and Robert Frost’s, “Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” I interact with many industry analysts and have known the analysts at Aragon for years. Aragon continues to be one of the firms, which looks at the market based not on where it has been, but really where it is going. Their coverage of collaboration as it relates to mobility or their view on how business communications is being transformed is among the most progressive perspectives in the industry.


Let me contrast Aragon’s perspective with what I have seen recently in the market. I was on a panel a few weeks ago at Enterprise Connect and found myself sparring with one of our UCaaS competitors over a philosophical question… Does Unified Communications include the various ways we interact to get work done or is it about internal communications? It is shocking to me that in 2018  there are still analysts and vendors that think about Unified Communications as a means for supporting only internal communications in the enterprise. What’s more, we’ve seen that UCaaS has clearly reached a tipping point and gone mainstream over the past few years, and some still view it as internal only.


Aragon has a different perspective and their coverage focuses on how the various modalities of communications converge from voice, group interaction, face-to-face video, and content collaboration, not just within the enterprise, but across the entire supply chain of independent contractors, vendors, and partners. They also think about mobility as a primary use case rather than a companion experience.  

Disrupting the status quo

As I think about the future of work and all of the disruption and consolidation that is happening in communication, the story of Netflix comes to mind. Reed Hastings’ vision for Netflix was simply to provide online movie rentals to people in the comfort of their homes. Over the years, they’ve pivoted their strategy; first delivering DVDs on demand to the home and later becoming a media streaming giant, ultimately putting the Blockbusters of the world out of business. Now they’ve moved on to create their very own media content with ‘Netflix Original’ branded movies and shows -- in fact, Netflix now threatens the future of cable television. Netflix started by disrupting the disruptor, and has consistently looked forward to reinvent itself.


Like Aragon and Netflix, Fuze looks at the market through a disruptive lens and is focused on where the market could go rather than clinging to incremental improvements to the way things have always been done. We have a unique business philosophy aimed at changing the way people work.  


Aragon recognized Fuze’s approach, calling out specific strengths including:

  • UCC user experience and platform breadth (mobile, deskphone and desktop, browser and conference rooms)

  • Voice & Video capability and quality

  • Support for large global enterprise deployments


Fuze is focused on the future of work and we believe that communication and collaboration are at the heart of every successful company. People do their best work when they work well together. It seems obvious but it is amazing how often this is overlooked while groups work in silos, often with redundancy. Companies are like living organisms, and Fuze is aimed at building the tools that serve as the connective tissue within an organization with the one technology that can touch everyone across the shifting demographics within the workplace. We are part of a much larger movement that is connecting the digital workforce.


As I mentioned in my last blog post, our strategy begins with a consumer-inspired approach that synthesizes market intelligence and measuring end-user behavior through the service. We build a communications and collaboration platform that people want to use. This gives us an advantage, enabling us to quickly innovate and pioneer products that empower the modern workforce to interact cross-functionally and increase their productivity across the enterprise and around the world.


Our unique approach to our product strategy is not only embraced by game changing IT leaders but it is also recognized by industry experts like Aragon.  


Today we are honored to be named a leader in the Aragon Research Globe report on Unified Communications and Collaboration. The business communications space is evolving at an unbelievable pace right now and Fuze is excited to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead of us in 2018.

Eric Hanson
Eric Hanson

Eric is the Chief Marketing Officer at Fuze. He is responsible for setting the company’s global marketing strategy and overseeing demand generation, brand, and product & customer marketing. Eric works with other members of the executive team to lead the company’s vision and product strategy. 

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