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The Community Builders: Developing Comprehensive Communications Connections

July 01, 2015 by

The multitude of components that go into construction projects can be daunting. But with financial and structural implications so high, it is imperative that everyone is on the same page.

So when The Community Builders—one of the largest and most accomplished non-profit development corporations in the United States—began to evaluate its communications strategy, it saw room for improvement.

“We had multiple on-site PBX solutions, which were tough to manage,” said Carl Bonvini, Director of IT. “We have three regional hubs—in Boston, Chicago, and Washington—as well as about 90 other locations. We figured that, by having just one provider, it would be easier to budget and that we’d have an improved maintenance and support experience.”

Back in 1999, well before it was commonplace for telecommunication to be conducted via the Internet, Bonvini worked with AT&T to devise a VoIP solution for his former employer. So he knew what his company needed.

In searching for a comprehensive solution, TCB evaluated multiple options, but ultimately recommended ThinkingPhones to TCB’s board for its competitive price and proximity to TCB’s Boston headquarters.

Having made the switch, it didn’t take Bonvini long to realize that TCB had made the right decision.

“The flexibility of ThinkingPhones has been wonderful,” he said. “New sites are easy to bring up and deploy, and moves, adds, and changes are simple. The support team has been great.”

Though there are still locations that have yet to implement the new communications solution, Bonvini noted that they will continue to replace existing equipment as contracts expire. And he believes that the only way to go is up.

“Though we’re definitely satisfied with our experience so far, we’re looking forward to even more improvement as we continue to implement ThinkingPhones."

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