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The Force & the Cloud: What Could UC Possibly Have in Common with Star Wars?

December 23, 2015 by

The cloud is strong in our industry. Executives use it. I use it. My colleagues use it. You have that power, too.

Last week's premiere of the newest Star Wars installment, The Force Awakens, had me thinking about parallels between the film's noteworthy energy field and our field of work. You might now be wondering what communication technology could ever have to do with a fictional culture that takes place across the universe. When we think of the series overall, we think of the widespread power and presence of the Force. As for our industry, we think of the widespread power and presence of the almighty cloud.

Let's explore.



It's omnipresent. The cloud is an intangible authority that can be present anywhere. It refers to software and services that run on the Internet rather than housing information on your computer's hard drive or your phone's memory. The majority of today's most used and widely known applications and software for both businesses and consumers are cloud-based. The beauty of the cloud is that wherever you go, the technologies you need (email, phone calls, video conferencing, document collaboration, image library, encoded distress messages from a princess, etc.) are accessible as long as you have access to the Internet.

Used properly, it's effective and efficient. Throughout the original trilogy, Luke Skywalker trained so he could use the Force for the greater good—to make life easier for his peers. Today's real-life tech heroes are those working behind the scenes to ensure your experience with their cloud-based technology is intuitive and seamless. Collaboration is made easier, workplace flexibility is made possible, and troubleshooting hassles for your in-house IT team are diminished.

When there's a disturbance, it affects everyone. Vastly more reliable than computer-run and stored applications, the leading cloud technology providers boast more than 99.9% guaranteed uptime. Whether you can sense a disruption in the cloud’s operation innately or not, an outage may affect all users. The slim-to-none chance you might experience a brief period of downtime is why it's so important to choose a provider with a backup plan—or several.

Your weapons... You will not need them. Utilizing the cloud makes it possible to simplify. Eliminating obsolete hardware from your office (servers, desk phones, lightsabers) and moving software integrations into a single cloud-based application can cut costs, save time, and improve overall business operation.

Communication is key. Picture the legendary scene in A New Hope when Luke successfully destroys the Death Star. Imagine if Han Solo had dropped that call? It's not clear how the subspace transceivers in these films allowed for such flawless, reliable, faster-than-light communication*, but I'd like to think Luke and company were using the power of a cloud equivalent that existed a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....


*There's no sign of intergalactic mobile communication technology development on our radar just yet, but we'll keep you in the know here on our blog.


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