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ThinkingPhones' Disaster Recovery Capabilities Featured in Network Evolution Magazine and TechTarget

June 03, 2015 by

In yesterday's TechTarget article "Cloud UC Benefits Extend to Disaster Recovery," author Jessica Scarpati features ThinkingPhones' capabilities and highlights the fact that "If a disaster knocks out on-premises UC systems, business grinds to a halt. But that's also when cloud UC's benefits around disaster recovery shine."

In the article, Nicholas Giordano, tech support specialist at ThinkingPhones' customer TheLadders, talks about Hurricane Sandy. At the time, TheLadders was using an aging PBX system, and after the storm "there were absolutely zero phone calls coming in or out of the office. We have a large customer service team, so we were unable to assist customers for about a week."

Though many businesses think of their phone systems as being above most problems, the reality is that even the highest-quality services can encounter unforeseen issues. Weather, electrical, and other anomalies have the potential to wreak havoc on daily routines. An earthquake or blackout may not be your doing, but it can still be catastrophic to your business.

Thankfully, in the cloud UC industry, there are solutions in place to mitigate these problems. Any cloud communications service worth its salt should feature built-in disaster recovery features, like a globally redundant network with failover systems that automatically kick into gear when something unexpected happens. Each UC service end point should be programmed to not only a primary data center, but also a secondary (and even tertiary) center that is ready and waiting to take the load in the event of failure.

After being left paralyzed by Hurricane Sandy, TheLadders ditched its on-premises PBX and switched to ThinkingPhones. "In the event of another outage, call center agents will be able to work remotely using ThinkingPhones' mobile app to log into their customer service queues via the Internet," Giordano says. "It's a good feeling to know we have that backup and redundancy."

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