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ThinkingPhones Rebrands as Fuze; Reimagines Connectivity and Collaboration

February 09, 2016 by Valerie Meffert

Platform celebrates the modern, mobile workforce and delivers tomorrow’s workplace today

Cambridge, MA—February 9, 2016—ThinkingPhones, the leader in global voice, video, and collaboration, today announced that it has rebranded the organization as Fuze, the name of the company it acquired in November 2015. The new name will help the company differentiate itself in an increasingly competitive environment by unifying service offerings under a single brand and identity.

“Over the past decade, our mission has been to transform the way businesses communicate,” said Steve Kokinos, CEO and Founder, Fuze (formerly ThinkingPhones). “While that mission hasn’t changed, the way we market and sell is evolving. Voice is only the beginning of our story. Work life is dynamic and unpredictable, and the new Fuze is all about flexible, always-on business communications, video conferencing, messaging, and collaboration. When voice, text, data, and video are ‘fuzed’ on a single platform, great things can happen.”

In 2006, Kokinos co-founded ThinkingPhones with CTO Derek Yoo to accomplish a simple goal: help businesses make their communications systems work for them. Ten years later, ThinkingPhones (now Fuze) has developed and released solutions that seamlessly unify business voice, text, and conferencing services on a single, award-winning cloud platform, connect them with cloud applications, and deliver intelligent, mobile-ready apps to customers. These accomplishments have been achieved through an unyielding commitment to innovation, as well as through several strategic acquisitions.

In August 2014, ThinkingPhones acquired Whaleback, a New Hampshire-based company that provides managed, cloud-based services to medium-sized businesses. In February 2015, ThinkingPhones acquired Contactive, a multi-platform product that optimizes business communications, closing the gap between big data, analytics, and contextual communication. Fuze marked ThinkingPhones’ third acquisition, further enabling today’s knowledge workers by streamlining communications and collaboration, all with a focus on the end user experience.

As part of its rebrand, Fuze launched a new corporate website that provides an enhanced visitor experience, more clearly organizes and distinguishes its products and services, and communicates the company’s value to customers. A refreshed corporate logo and marketing imagery better reflect today’s dynamic and integrated workplace.

“Fuze’s new brand clearly defines how we simplify and unify communications,” said Brian Kardon, CMO, Fuze. “This change helps customers better understand the full scope of our product suite and how individual offerings interrelate. We can achieve greater productivity by reimagining connectivity and collaboration. This belief is the foundation of our story, which we are excited to begin telling in new and creative ways.”

About Fuze

Fuze is a global, cloud-based unified communications platform that empowers productivity and delivers insights across the enterprise by enabling simplified business voice communications, flexible video conferencing, and always-on collaboration. Formerly ThinkingPhones, Fuze allows the modern, mobile workforce to seamlessly communicate anytime, anywhere, across any device. Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, Fuze has additional locations including New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Ottawa, London, Amsterdam, Aveiro (Portugal), Paris, Zurich, and Copenhagen. For more information, visit www.fuze.com.

Media contact Valerie Meffert Director of Corporate Communications, Fuze vmeffert@fuze.com 617-453-0824

Valerie Meffert
Valerie Meffert

Having written for companies ranging from MTV and CBS to the Winter Olympic Games and Reuters, Valerie heads up ThinkingPhones' communications and PR machine. At the risk of dating herself, she'd like to point out that her MTV tenure occurred during the Carson Daly era—she takes no credit (nor blame) for "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila." A resident of Park City, UT, Valerie enjoys the four things her town is most famous for: hiking, skiing, film festivals, and weak beer.

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