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T&M Associates: Uniting a diverse workforce through unified communications

August 04, 2015 by

Optimizing internal communication can be a delicate, often improvisational practice. And while businesses small and large both face challenges, it’s without doubt that—all other things equal—enterprises face a comparatively larger challenge than their SMB counterparts.

With more than 400 associates, T&M Associates, an engineering firm that calls Middletown, NJ home, certainly has an extensive network of employees to keep connected.

“We had disparate systems in our remote offices, and absolutely no disaster recovery plan,” said Brian Lysy, Director of IT. “And the old proprietary system we were using in our headquarters was certainly end-of-life.”

Like many companies re-evaluating communications, T&M sought a single system for all users—including its remote employees.

“A disaster recovery-ready cloud solution was at the forefront of our search,” Lysy said. “By moving to the cloud, we figured we would be protecting ourselves against the hardware expiring in a couple of years.”

And though its agent suggested Zultys, T&M went with ThinkingPhones for its superior platform, and particularly the potential for scalability.

While being on one system is undoubtedly simpler logistically, there are further benefits to be realized from a simplicity standpoint.

“We really like the instant messaging capabilities and presence,” Lysy said. “Turning up new sites is easier than we would have expected, and 4-digit dialing has made internal interactions much simpler.”

T&M shows that unified communications isn’t just simpler than disparate systems—it also provides a better experience, resulting in happier employees and, ultimately, a better company.

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