Trello eBook: Enabling Global Remote Work 101

March 27, 2018 by Amanda Maksymiw

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While remote work continues to grow in popularity within the United States, throughout the world, digital companies are embracing its impact on the future of work. Mobile tools are enabling greater flexibility, fundamentally upending traditional workplace models. Employees are taking ownership of how they work in order to achieve work-life balance. That said, many organizations are still learning how to best adopt remote work practices in a way that best suits their unique needs as a business. In fact, there is still some educational myth-busting needed to ensure leaders have all the knowledge they need to make the best individual decisions.


In order to shine a greater light on the facts and benefits surrounding remote work, project-management solutions leader Trello recently launched a free eBook, How To Keep Your Team Working From Anywhere. The eBook is a complete guide to “what’s, what” regarding remote work, dispelling common myths, outlining best practices, and recommending the most innovative solutions to support a diverse, independent remote workforce.


Here are some of the interesting best practices I found reading the eBook when it comes enabling a remote workforce: 


  • Context is King. When communicating over digital platforms, sometimes nonverbal cues become lost in translation, muddying the intention. When working remotely, offer additional context to prevent miscommunication. A curt response doesn’t necessarily mean anything negative – the person on the other end may just be preoccupied heads down on a project. Over communicating is always better than making assumptions.


  • Create a Remote Team Culture. Unlike traditional office settings, when working with a team remotely, it can be more difficult to build a natural rapport. Emphasize finding common interests and getting to know each member on a personal level. Video chat can be a key tool in establishing these relationships!


  • Rethink Security Protocol. As more employees take their work outside of the office, the traditional security infrastructure that has long protected sensitive data needs to be revisited. Work with internal IT leaders to set up a secure VPN, VDI or remote desktop to avoid potential data breaches and other online threats.


Download the full eBook for free, here. Have any questions about remote work and how you can best integrate it into your business? Tweet @Fuze with #WorkFromAnywhere.

Amanda Maksymiw
Amanda Maksymiw

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