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TSIA Recognition: Putting Customer Service at the Heart of Business

November 01, 2017 by David Johnson, SVP Worldwide Services and Support

At Fuze, we pride ourselves on offering an enterprise communications solution that helps power the modern workforce. While accomplishing this requires a focus on innovation, we believe that superior customer service is something that must live at the core of what we do. This week, we are excited to have our commitment to customer service recognized by the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), which awarded Fuze Certified Support Staff Excellence status. This is earned through meeting the highest quality of customer service standards and the achievement of Level II certification – a recognition attained by less than a dozen companies globally. 


In today’s digital workplace, enterprises face a number of challenges when it comes to onboarding new technologies. Bridging the gap between the rising millennial workforce and baby boomers can be difficult to navigate. In doing so, it is critical to ensure everyone feels comfortable and empowered to take advantage of the tools available to them. For Fuze, it is paramount that employees – regardless of tenure, working preference, or communication style – understand how to use our technology to enhance collaboration in the workplace. This is why our support organization has aligned its focus to appeal to different user communities that often exist within the same customer environment. In doing so, we have adopted the following best practices for customer support:


  • Listen to the customer, make sure to fully understand their question or challenge in using the technology 
  • Find the root cause and unique solution for each use case
  • Provide as much information as possible, share troubleshooting suggestions, reference guides and other supporting materials that best meet the needs of that customer
  • Serve as an information resource regardless of the size of the request


In building on the success of our support organization, the entire team also underwent TSIA’s rigorous training program to meet the qualifications of this certification. After completing the program, the Fuze support team demonstrated measurable improvements to customer satisfaction with the Fuze support experience. Additionally, we have decreased the time it takes to resolve customer issues by more than 50 percent.


Overall, I’m extremely proud of the customer support team we have built at Fuze. This annual recognition will not only be a source of motivation, but will continue to serve as the bar for the level of customer service we provide as the company continues to grow.


You can learn more about our TSIA award recognition and the TSIA certification process in the press release here.


Interested in joining our rockstar customer support team? View current openings here.




David Johnson, SVP Worldwide Services and Support
David Johnson, SVP Worldwide Services and Support

David Johnson is responsible for Fuze’s global customer services and support strategy and execution with a focus on delivering differentiated customer experiences throughout the customer life cycle. He has over 20 years of experience creating, leading, and innovating customer strategies to the delight of his customers.

David started his career in the U.S. Air Force and NASA, working in network engineering and communications. He then moved into the technical support field at Network General, quickly progressing into support management roles at International Network Services, Lucent Technologies, and AlterPoint.

After AlterPoint, David joined the support leadership team at Riverbed Technology, which received many industry awards for support best practices and global customer satisfaction from the Technology Services Industry Association and JD Power & Associates during his tenure. Most recently, David was vice president of global support at Panopto, a Seattle-based video content management company.

David holds a Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University.

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