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Tuesday Tip & Trick with Nicole Khazanedar

July 01, 2014 by

Every Tuesday, the Fuze Tip & Trick blog series provides valuable insider tips used by Fuze employees in their day-to-day jobs. Each week, we spotlight a different employee from various departments, roles & offices within Fuze. This week’s tip takes us into the world of recruiting, featuring Fuze Technical Recruiter Nicole Khazanedar.

Employee: Nicole Khazanedar Title: Technical Recruiter Department: People & Culture How long at Fuze: 1 year, 4 months Favorite San Francisco Restaurant: Frances Pet: Lucy Breed: Maltese Age: 4 years Favorite Treat: Lucy eats EVERYTHING

If you happen to be a developer, engineer or anyone with a highly skilled technical background, recruiter Nicole Khazanedar wants to talk to you about job opportunities at Fuze. Nicole splits her time between Fuze HQ in San Francisco and our Palo Alto offices. She partners with department managers at Fuze to help build out our two largest teams: Engineering and Product. Not an easy feat considering the highly competitive technical markets surrounding our base offices! Nicole talks daily to candidates, initially chatting over the phone, then via a Fuze meeting for a face-to-face meeting that helps her screen the right candidates to invite for an interview onsite. Additionally, Fuze saves time and money on travel, and allows her to showcase our product to potential candidates.

Nicole’s Fuze Tip: “The Virtual Whiteboard” Fuze is important to Nicole’s interview process. Over HD video, she can visually assess candidate body language and personality to ensure she’s filling empty desks with the right fit. More importantly, Nicole suggests using the Virtual Whiteboard tool to test candidate skills. The Virtual Whiteboard feature allows meeting participants to mark up and annotate shared content in real time during a Fuze meeting. Using this, Nicole allows candidates to showcase technical skills by displaying work examples or writing code to solve a problem or program glitch. This immediately gives her valuable insight into the candidate’s thought process and technical problem solving skills during the interview.

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