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Tuesday Tip & Trick with Philip Cortes

June 24, 2014 by

Every Tuesday, the Fuze Tip & Trick blog series provides valuable insider tips used by Fuze employees in their day-to-day jobs. Each week, we spotlight a different employee from various departments, roles & offices within Fuze. This week, for the inaugural post, Product Manager Philip Cortes shares his valuable Fuze tip.

Employee:Philip Cortes Title:Project Manager Department:Product How long at Fuze:1 year Favorite Outdoors Sport:Kite Surfing

Philip Cortes works on our Fuze Product team as a Product Manager and splits his time between Fuze HQ in San Francisco, CA and our Palo Alto office. He is responsible for defining the product roadmap and prioritizing what tasks need to be completed by each component of the team. In simple terms, he’s the guy that keeps the team on track to make progress, but also makes sure each of the product initiatives are well specked out so that each new product feature or enhancement is delivered on time and with the highest quality. Phil likes to hold all of his daily team scrum meetings on Fuze for two reasons; one, every team member feels connected regardless of their location and two, Fuze facilitates team collaboration.

Fuze Tips on iPad

Philip’s Fuze Tip: “Maximize your Video Feeds” Phil’s job involves communicating a lot of highly technical information across many different teams. He suggests taking advantage of Fuze’s ability to minimize and maximize participant video feeds to focus on the most important speaker. One of the biggest advantages of video collaboration is that it supports the way that humans communicate best, through both sound and visuals. Maximizing the feed of a speaker or presenter enables viewers to key in on facial cues and expressions that are critical components in face-to-face communication.  Zoning his focus in on one of his collaborators allows Phil to concentrate on the important bits of the moment and he can read how strongly the speaker feels about a particular subject or debate.

Fuze not only changes the way we think about video conferencing and collaboration, but it also enhances the ways we communicate and connect day to day.

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