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Unified Communications Analytics Offer Major Value

January 19, 2015 by

Hardly anyone would disagree with the notion that unified communications can deliver powerful, transformative benefits for businesses - that much has been proven time and again in recent years. Naturally enough, company leaders in every sector are now eager to take advantage of these solutions themselves, leading to a massive increase in UC adoption around the world.

But once these UC tools are in place, a lot of firms fail to take full advantage of their investments. There are a few reasons why this is the case, but one of the most significant is also the simplest: Company leaders don't really know how their UC solutions are performing. This leads to misuse, mismanagement, and inefficiencies.

That's why UC analytics should be seen as a necessity for any company interested in leveraging UC solutions.

Enterprises in the Dark

A recent Dell study highlighted just how widespread the lack of awareness of UC performance is among enterprise leaders.

The survey found that among enterprises that had adopted a specific UC solution, more than half could not say whether or not this had allowed them to meet their cost savings goals, Mobile News reported. This is particularly noteworthy because 53 percent of respondents said they deployed their UC solutions specifically in the hopes of reducing costs.

Curtis Johnstone, senior unified communications product architect with Dell, emphasized that this is a huge problem for companies, according to the source. These organizations are investing significant amounts of money, along with time and energy, into their UC deployments, but they are struggling to determine whether these efforts are proving successful.

"There are a lot of costs and resources to deploy these products and when you go to compare the cost savings, it's really difficult because how do you quantify collaboration as a cost saving?" he told Mobile News.

UC Analytics and Insight

Fortunately, companies can overcome this difficulty by embracing UC analytics, according to Johnstone.

"Unified communication analytics allows companies to drill easily into how their business is using UC solutions that are deployed in their organizations," he said, the news source reported.

This, in turn, can help decision-makers determine how employees have integrated UC into their daily work responsibilities. This can therefore enable enterprises to evaluate the productivity boost that the organization as a whole has gained following the deployment of UC analytics solutions - a major factor when determining UC ROI.

Just as importantly, analytics insight can help business leaders to determine if and where employees are failing to effectively utilize UC, and then develop new policies and strategies designed to encourage greater, more rewarding UC behavior. This will have a significant, positive impact on the company's bottom line.

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