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Unified Communications in the Contact Center: A Powerful Upgrade

August 28, 2014 by

Every company cares about customer support. If they don't, then pretty soon they won't have any customers to support, anyway. And while there are many, many strategies available to improve customer service, there's still no replacement for the contact center.

But that doesn't mean the contact center itself can't change. On the contrary, if you want to maximize your customer service capabilities, then you need to optimize your contact center, both in terms of your personnel and the resources at their disposal.

Unified communications can help your company do just that.

UC Benefits

Some of the contact center benefits of UC solutions are obvious. With instant messaging or live chat, for example, support personnel can respond to multiple customer queries simultaneously, whereas the phone limits each employee to a single conversation. Beyond this, many consumers would rather engage with a support agent through web-based instant messaging than by calling the company. That means this single component of UC can significantly improve both agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

That's not all. UC also offers firms the opportunity to add a wide range of communication channels for customer support. These include SMS, email, and video conferencing, all delivered via a single platform. Regardless of your industry, your customers will appreciate the ability to choose whichever communication channel is best suited to their specific needs and preferences.

Video conferencing in particular can provide a major upgrade to your contact center performance. With video conferencing, your agents can deliver a more in-depth level of service that isn't possible otherwise. As a result, customer support can be a significant differentiator for your company.

UC Challenges and Opportunities

One of the main reasons more companies have not yet embraced UC in their contact centers is the human factor. UC solutions can only yield powerful results if they are used properly, and your support agents will likely not have much experience with these tools. That means you'll need to ensure all personnel receive sufficient training to make the most of the resources at their disposal. The cost and time required for such an effort is enough to put off a lot of corporate decision-makers.

But there is an often overlooked benefit here: UC can help you to recruit the most talented employees for your contact center. While some contact support agents may be intimidated by UC technology, many others are eager to take advantage of these tools to better help clients. A job that allows workers to use these solutions will be more appealing to many talented agents, improving the overall quality of your workforce.

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