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UC Popularity Growing Among Enterprises Worldwide

February 20, 2015 by

Considering how frequently unified communications is covered in the media, it can seem at times like the technology has achieved universal adoption by this point. In reality, though, UC is far from ubiquitous, with many organizations not yet embracing these solutions.

However, as a Sonus survey recently highlighted, UC adoption is definitely accelerating across the globe.

UC in the Enterprise

The survey included insight from 150 respondents representing companies from around the world with at least 10,000 employees. The study found that nearly three-quarters - 72 percent - of respondents had deployed UC solutions either completely or partially within their organizations.

When this survey was last conducted, this total stood at 68 percent, suggesting a slow but significant move toward broader UC implementation.

Cloud Shift

The report also identified a noteworthy shift toward cloud-based UC solutions. While slightly less than two-thirds of enterprises' UC systems remain on-premise, respondents indicated significant enthusiasm for cloud offerings.

This led the study to conclude that hybrid UC solutions will grow significantly in popularity in the coming years, eventually becoming the preferred approach to UC for enterprises.

This isn't particularly surprising. The move toward cloud-based UC has been ongoing for a while now, as organizations come to realize that this approach offers numerous advantages over legacy UC solutions. Notably, Unified-Communications-as-a-Service has a much lower upfront cost for companies than traditional UC platforms, as the firms don't need to invest in and install costly equipment upfront before making use of the technology - they simply must pay for the service as it is used.

Additionally, UCaaS is a more flexible option, allowing companies to take advantage of the UC features they need as they need them, without significant setup or other preparation. Just as importantly, UCaaS is ideal for mobile workers, as personnel can leverage the UC tools via smartphones and tablets while on the road or based at off-site locations. Such flexibility is becoming increasingly essential for businesses of all kinds, but especially large enterprises with diverse and mobile workforces.

Moving Forward

As even more organizations take steps to embrace UC, and especially cloud-based UC, in the near future, the number of vendors will also increase. It will therefore become more important for firms to exercise discretion when pursuing this technology. As with any other cloud solution, there is a surprising amount of variation among service providers in the realm of UCaaS, and partnering with a suboptimal vendor will lead to disappointing results.

To avoid this outcome, companies of all sizes must look for hosted UC service providers with reputations for both reliability and innovation. By working closely with an industry-leading vendor, companies can ensure their UC deployments remain a competitive advantage for years to come.

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