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Unified Communications Crucial for Recruiting and Retaining Talent

February 23, 2015 by

There are many reasons why companies pursue unified communications deployments. Most obviously, UC tools make it easier for employees to engage with one another and with their clients, making the company more efficient and effective overall.

In the near future, though, this may no longer be the single most compelling reason to embrace UC. Instead, firms may see employee recruitment and retention as the biggest advantages of a high-quality UC system.

Young Talent

One of the biggest problems that companies run into when attempting to see a positive return on their UC investments is the issue of usage. In many cases, employees are resistant to new technologies and policies, especially if they were satisfied with the previous way of doing business. This holds true even when the workers realize that the new solutions may be better - they simply don't believe that the disruption will justify the benefits.

However, this problem is not universal. On the contrary, it is largely limited to older personnel. Younger workers, being more familiar with and fond of technology in general, will typically have no problem adapting to a new UC system, and will actually welcome its arrival.

Going further, millennials (who are beginning to exert a huge impact on the American workforce) view UC as a basic resource for most professions. They are not only experienced at using a wide range of communication channels in their personal lives, but they expect to continue this behavior in their work lives. A company that does not make such resources available to them will seem restricting and antiquated, and will therefore not appear like a particularly appealing career opportunity. Instead, they will focus their attention on more technologically-savvy organizations.

Getting Competitive

As millennials account for an ever-growing percentage of the available talent pool, businesses will not be able to ignore this critical factor. Attracting and retaining the most talented workers is crucial for any company looking to remain competitive in its industry, and a lack of UC systems can severely undermine efforts in this area.

Business leaders should start to see UC investments as useful tools for recruiting highly coveted young professionals. By emphasizing the technology tools that new hires will have access to, organizations can highlight the benefits of choosing that company over other employment opportunities.

Additionally, choosing a high-end UC platform and regularly upgrading these tools is an effective way of demonstrating the firm's commitment to providing its workers with the best resources available at all times. Considering millennials' enthusiasm for technology, this can have a big impact on improving the company's overall appeal to potential employees.

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